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Consistent exercise should include the following aspects.

  ①Cultivating an interest in sports

  For our primary and secondary school students, cultivating an interest in sports is the main thing. Physiologically in the sensitive period of growth and quality development, human plasticity, the most receptive to adult guidance and training, so it is a good time to develop the habit of conscious physical exercise. If you miss it, as you grow older, it will be difficult to form new habits due to the interference of old habits.

  But this is the period when we may put our main focus on our studies and the pressure from our parents and teachers to do so. However, we can study more easily only if we are physically fit, and it is not true that doing physical exercise will necessarily delay our studies.

  Kang Kang, a 1.80-meter-tall boy with a strong, agile physique, is not only an outstanding student, but also good at many sports and is favored by various teams in the school. Kang Kang's all-round development is due to the physical exercise he has been doing since he was a child.

  Kang Kang's father, Professor Kang Jian of Peking University High School, put it this way.

  From the time my child could just walk until he graduated from junior high school more than 10 years ago, I took him for an hour of sports every day without fail. After years of sports training, Kang's physical fitness has increased significantly. Especially when he reached puberty, all parts of his body developed very robustly, not as slender as bean sprouts as some children are. Some parents see their children entering puberty before they realize that they have to give him food and supplements, but the physique does not fundamentally improve. In fact, a good practice is to give reasonable nutrition before the rapid development of the child's body, and adequate exercise exercise.

  The way to exercise is to develop the child's sporting hobby, but not in the way of training specialists. This is because falling into some kind of specialization too early may affect the development of the child's overall coordination, such as lack of height. Physical exercise is all about participation, and it is not enough to play one-on-one with your child at home. It is important to go to public places often to watch others play sports, so that your child can feel the vitality that sports bring to people and gain inculcation and infection from it.

  Exercise is good for intelligence. Kang Kang spends less time on studying than other students, but his grades are still among the best. The reason for this is that he is very energetic, attentive in class and fast in completing homework. Even if he does not do well in exams occasionally, he is not discouraged, but still confident.

  If we can all have the same enthusiasm and spirit as Kang, then we will also have the same physical fitness and academic performance.

  ②Create a lifestyle of physical activity

  The benefits of making physical exercise an integral part of our lives are numerous.

  First of all, physical exercise can promote the development of human intellectual level. The flexibility of the brain is linked to the flexibility of the body, and a person who acts sluggishly will not learn superbly. If we look carefully, there are some students with learning problems in our classmates, their poor visual tracking, reading and calculating often lost words, serial, looking at the wrong number, which is related to their poor control of the eye muscles. And the brain's control of the eye muscles must be developed in full activity. Sports like some tracking targets and throwing sports have a direct effect on the development of our eye muscles. There is also the issue of attention. There are many people who cannot focus well because they have an imbalance in the development of the inner ear vestibule, which causes them to be in an emotionally unsettled state, which seriously affects their listening in class and their homework. It is in running and yodeling that the development of the vestibule of the inner ear takes place.

  Secondly, good personality psychology can be developed and shaped through physical activity. Because participation in sports itself requires overcoming difficulties, following the rules of competition, and constraining and regulating certain unfavorable qualities of one's personality.

  Again, sports can promote happiness and regulate emotions. If we often engage in physical activity, the brain will secrete a substance called endoglin, scientists call it pleasure, it can make people happy.

  What's more, proper physical exercise can promote blood circulation and guarantee adequate nutrition for bone and brain cells, thus promoting the secretion of growth hormones and the growth of muscles, ligaments and cartilage.

  ③Make sports provide opportunities for our growth

  We need partners in sports, and we can also learn to communicate and get along with others in sports, and become a person who is good at communicating and getting along with others, which brings us many unexpected opportunities for future growth. Because in modern society, the chance of success lies in getting along with people.

  In addition, if we find in sports a profession that we really love and want to work in for the rest of our lives, how is that not an opportunity for our lives? Bud in the history of sports, there are many people who found their special talents in sports as a child and became great athletes.

  Moreover, the body is the capital of the revolution, a healthy body is a strong guarantee of work and study in life, there is hope only when there is health, health is the basis of all careers.

  2. Cultivation methods

  First, start with sports games.

  Sports games are the main content of our physical activities, and they are also our favorite activities. While exercising physical fitness and developing basic activity skills in games, they can also meet the psychological and physical characteristics of our primary and secondary school students.

  There are games to develop various movements in sports games, such as the game of "catch", which can develop the action of running; the game of "watermelon", which can develop the action of throwing and catching balls; the game of "tightrope walking The game of "walking on a tightrope" can develop the balancing ability; the game of "little monkey picking peaches" can exercise the jumping ability; the game of "little panda drilling cave" can develop the drilling and crawling action, and so on.

  There are also sports games using toys, which not only make us happy and enthusiastic about sports, but also develop our physical abilities purposefully. Toys are also often a good opportunity for us to get acquainted with other little ones, and the friendship that arises between them can make us more enthusiastic about sports.

  Balls, ropes, and sandbags are some of our favorite physical activity toys. We can also develop our sense of sight and touch while handling these toys. In the process of moving our body back and forth, we can become more flexible and agile, improve our perception of space and time, and also help to enhance our reaction ability.

  Second, try to diversify your activities.

  Many of us are always accustomed to playing a certain kind of game or playing a single kind of sport. Especially after just learning a certain sport, due to the momentary interest, will be particularly enthusiastic about this kind of game. But this exercise habit is not good. For one thing, it is easy to make us fatigue, and for another, it does not exercise to all parts of our body.

  We are in the process of growth and development, the body parts are not mature, not set, if a long time only a certain kind of exercise, it is easy to cause a corresponding part is particularly developed, which is not good for the overall coordinated development of our body. So to diversify, both legs should walk, run and also squat, the body has to flex and also exhibition, both arms have to stretch and vibration also have to lift, a variety of movements to cooperate in order to promote the overall development of the body.

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