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4. Positive reinforcement should not be used for a long time

  "Positive reinforcement" is more effective in the early stage of the formation of simple behavior, for complex behavior or behavior is relatively stable after the reinforcement will gradually lose its function of reinforcing good behavior, then it is appropriate to use other methods.

  The second part of the habit of being human

  Chapter 1 to develop good habits

  A, integrity

  1. Concept and connotation

  The so-called integrity, is honest? Smoke and keep the faith. Honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of a person's identity, is the basis of all morality. A man of his word is not trustworthy, it is unbearable to be with; a nation of people of their word is not trustworthy, is self-indulgent degradation.

  Confucius said, "If a man has no faith, he does not know what he can do." Mencius said, "There is no better way for a gentleman to nurture his heart than to be sincere." This shows how important honesty is to a person. There is nothing better than honesty for a person to develop a good personality.

  Taiwanese Behavior Analysis Training instructor Hwa-Lin Meng once said this about the power of integrity: "I've had some success, but it's not because I'm a genius, and others respect me not because I'm rich, but in large part because I keep my promises! Whenever I say something, I absolutely deliver. That's why my students trust me and the community respects me, not only for who I am as a person, but also for my character of keeping my promises! I never break my word to anyone, whether they are a very successful celebrity or a poor kid just starting out in society. I believe that if I often miss my appointments or am late, no matter how successful I am, no one will come to hear my speeches. Besides, without honesty, I would not have been successful at all."

  Indeed, if you lack honesty in your life, you will lose everyone's trust in you and become a person that everyone hates. People around you don't know which words you say are true and which are not. Gradually, no one believes what you say, and you lose the minimum qualifications to be a person of integrity! There is a story like this.

  A man with perfect health, beauty, wit, talent, money, and honor all of these died, and God arranged for him to enter hell, and he resisted and asked to enter heaven, so his ghost found God to theorize.

  God smiled a little and asked, "What are your conditions to enter this heaven of ultimate happiness?" The ghost then shook out all that he had in the world of the living and, with a showy tone, asked rhetorically, "Is all this not enough to get me into heaven?"

  "Don't you know that you lack one of the most important things to enter heaven?" God was not annoyed.

  The ghost hemmed and hawed: "As you have seen, I have everything, and I fully deserve to enter heaven."

  "Have you forgotten that you once abandoned an important thing?" God got a little impatient in the face of this shameless ghost and reminded him bluntly, "On the ferry of life, you abandoned a backpack of life, didn't you?"

  The ghost remembered: when he was young, he once took a boat ride, and after an unknown period of time, the wind picked up and the boat was in danger. The old boatman asked him to abandon one thing. He thought about it, beauty, money, honor, he could not give up. Finally, he abandoned the "integrity". But the ghost was not convinced: "Can I be denied a bright heaven and enter a terrible hell just because I have no 'integrity'?"

  God became very serious: "So, what did you do after that?" The ghost thought back: that time he went home and promised his mother that he would take good care of her, promised his wife that he would never betray her, and promised his friends that they would do something together. Later, later ...... he recalled, he had a lover outside; his mother discouraged him, but he never listened to her again, he did not allow her to destroy his "happiness"; he and his friend business, but finally swallowed his friend's share ......

  God interrupted him and said, "Do you see how many treacherous deeds you have done because of your lack of integrity? How can heaven, which is holy, tolerate you, a vile ghost?"

  The ghost was silent, he did not have nothing, but he had nothing. Family, friendship, love ...... were all lost with the loss of integrity. He, a vile ghost, could only go to hell.

  "Go to hell!" God finished speaking and drifted away.

  The habit of honesty specifically includes the following aspects.

  ①Keeping promises and keeping one's word

  A promise is a promise made by a person to another person or to himself. This promise may be in the form of words outwardly, or it may be some kind of more solemn decision that a person makes to himself in his heart. Simply put, it means that a person has to do what he or she says he or she will do.

  If a person often does not keep his promises to others, then he will gradually lose credibility in the hearts of others, and what he says will never be taken to heart again. In the crowd, he will also become dispensable, because what he says and does will no longer be paid attention to. He will gradually lose his friends and become a lonely and helpless person.

  Similarly, if a person also does not keep the promises he made to himself, then his life will also be a failure, because the goals he set for himself will often be ignored by himself, and he will also not think of it.

  In short, keeping one's word is one of the most basic qualities of a person, without it the personality is not sound. We often say that the kind of people who do not keep their promises is to eat their words.

  In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, the Duke of Lu had an important minister named Meng Wu Bo, who had a major problem of not keeping his word. The Duke was very dissatisfied with him. One day, Duke of Lu held a banquet for his ministers, and Meng Wu Bo and Zheng Chong, another important minister of Duke of Lu, also attended the banquet. Meng Wu Bo, who had always disliked Zheng Chong, took the opportunity to make a fool of Zheng Chong at the banquet and asked, "Why has Lord Zheng grown fatter and fatter? When the Duke of Sorrows heard this, he interjected: A man who often eats his promises will of course grow fat! As soon as the ministers present heard this, they knew that the Duke of Sorrows was not criticizing Zheng Chong, but was implicitly accusing Wu Bo of not keeping his promise. This is where the expression "fattened by eating one's words" comes from.

  There are many famous examples of the power of keeping one's word in our history.

  During the Spring and Autumn Period, Duke Wen of Jin decided to attack the original state in order to achieve hegemony. The Duke of Jin and his soldiers agreed to spend seven days attacking the original state. When Jin arrived at the State of Origin, he was met with stubborn resistance, and after seven days, the State of Origin still had not surrendered. So Duke Wen of Jin ordered to withdraw his troops.

  Everyone did not understand, and the strategists and generals dissuaded Duke Wen of Jin by saying that he could have taken the State of Origin in a few more days, but Duke Wen of Jin still insisted on withdrawing his troops. He said: I have made an agreement with the soldiers for a limit of seven days, and now that seven days have passed, I cannot lose my credit. Credit is the treasure of the country, and if I gain the original state and lose the treasure of the country, I can't do that. So the Jin army withdrew from the original state.

  The next year, Duke Wen of Jin personally led his army to attack the original state again. This time, he made a pact with his soldiers that he would not stop until he had taken the State of Origin. As soon as they heard the agreement between the Duke of Jin and his soldiers, the people of Yuan surrendered to the state of Jin. When the people of Wei heard about this, they thought that the Duke of Jin's credit had reached the highest level, so they also surrendered to Jin.

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