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When the son heard this, he smiled and replied unhurriedly, "Father, you need not worry. If I tell the truth, then the poor will praise me; if I tell lies, the rich and the prominent will adore me. I am either telling the truth or telling lies, so either the poor people will praise me or the rich and powerful will adore me, so why not?

  What is dialectical thinking?

  Dialectical thinking refers to the way of thinking to understand things from the perspective of change and development, and it is usually regarded as a way of thinking opposite to logical thinking, in which things are generally "either this or that", "either true or false", not allowed to appear "also this and that", "also true and false" situation, because that will bring logical confusion, so that thinking can not be normal. But this situation is allowed in dialectical thinking, where things can be "also this" and "also true and false" at the same time without hindering normal thinking activities.

  Dialectical thinking implements a set of dynamic rules of thinking, which are well adapted to the nature of the development of the objective world movement, revealing the natural laws of evolution of things, so that people can grasp the changes in the dynamics of things.

  Dialectical thinking to link, development and thus is a comprehensive view to examine the object of thinking, and therefore, correspondingly produced a link, development and comprehensive analysis of the dialectical thinking method.

  2. How to have the habit of dialectical thinking?

  First, use the method of connection to see the problem.

  The method of linkage is the use of universal linkage to examine the object of thinking a method of perspective. That is, the linkage analysis method is to examine the horizontal connection of the object of thinking from space.

  One is to grasp the organic correlation between the elements within things, by strengthening an element to strengthen or weaken another element; by weakening an element to weaken or strengthen another element. For example, for our primary and secondary school students, book knowledge is important, but practical knowledge is also not to be ignored. The two elements of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are interrelated, and they cannot be neglected.

  The second is to grasp the organic relevance of the elements and the system as a whole, to strengthen (or weaken) the system as a whole by strengthening (or weakening) the elements, or to strengthen (or weaken) the elements by strengthening (or weakening) the system as a whole.

  Third, to grasp the synergistic nature of the system, so that the various parts of the system develop in a coordinated manner.

  Woodward was a geologist, and finding minerals was his job.

  In 1949, he was conducting a geological survey on the western plateau of Zambia and found a strange little grass growing on the earth. This small grass had purple-red flowers with beautiful blossoms and thriving foliage. But in some places, the same small grass, but the growth is very weak, the flowers also lack the purple color, more like red flowers. After inquiring with a botanist, he learned that this small grass is named Hutchinson's basil.

  Woodward is a thoughtful person, he knows, how the plant grows, and the composition of the soil underground has a close relationship. He was determined to analyze what was in the soil of the purple-flowered grass and how it differed from the red-flowered soil. He took the samples of the different flowers of Washi basil together with the soil back to the laboratory for analysis, and found that all these soils had variable amounts of copper. The richer the copper, the more the basil grew, and the less the copper, the worse the grass grew. This is a plant that likes copper, Woodward thought.

  Woodward felt his heart light up. Determined to find Hutchinson's basil, he set foot on Zambian soil once again. Once he found a succession of Hutchinson's basil, growing in great abundance. Woodward judged that under this large piece of land, there was probably a rich copper mine. After a geological survey, it was indeed a large copper mine, rare in the world, with a storage capacity of 900 million tons.

  Copper ore is stored underground, the human eye can not directly discover it, but Woodward through this special plant to discover the underground large copper ore. His wisdom lies in the fact that he cleverly used the connection between things. The underground copper ore has a certain influence on the growth of plants on the surface. Washi basil, which likes copper, grows luxuriantly in places where copper is abundant and poorly in places where it is scarce. In this way, Hutchinson's basil became an indication of whether copper was abundant underground. Instead of looking directly for copper underground, Woodward looked for this plant on the surface. It was easier to find Washi basil, and when he found this plant, he found the copper ore that might be buried underground.

  Second, use the developmental approach to consider the problem.

  The developmental approach is a method of perspective that uses the developmental view of dialectical thinking to examine the object of thought. In other words, the developmental analysis method is to examine the vertical development process of the object of thinking from time to time in the past, present and future. It has many specific methods, and the system dynamic method is one of them. The system dynamic method is a developmental analysis method that examines the movement, change, and development of things from a system perspective, and it is transformed from the system theory's principle of dynamism.

  Here's how to look at things developmentally through the process of the Holiday Inn.

  One day in 1951, Wilson, a 38-year-old builder with his mother, wife and five children, drove his car to Washington, D.C., in high spirits, intending to spend a pleasant holiday there.

  When they opened the motel room, everything in front of them was like a basin of cold water poured down on their heads, and the family of eight washed away all the excitement: the hotel room, the furnishings were shabby and simple, the supplies were dirty and black, and even issued a pungent musty smell. The children were hot and irritable after a long day's ride, and it was impossible to find a place to get some water and a bath. The hotel did not even have a place for the children to spend their energy and time. The rent was astonishingly high, $10 per night, and each child had to pay $2 per day in tips, so that the rent for a room would be $12. Such a mess of accommodation, so that the Wilson family just left home and want to go home.

  Not waiting for the expiration of the holiday, the Wilson family will hold a breath, to return home. On the way home, the businessman's instincts made his thoughts like a spinning wheel, spinning around and around. He thought: Why don't I open a motel?

  Wilson noted that in the United States at that time, the service facilities and quality of service of such motels were very bad, because most of these hotels were the products of the war era. In wartime, the hotels were not at all worried about the lack of travelers, and the passing soldiers alone made almost all the hotels full. Therefore, the owners of these hotels, who still think about finishing facilities, who still have the heart to talk about business methods?

  Wilson wanted to open a best motel, this pursuit made him break through the original motel owner's thinking barriers, imagination simply grew wings. He thought: I opened the motel, not only to provide the ideal accommodation for tourists, but also to become a place for tourists to get a lot of fun. Also, there is absolutely no additional charge for children in the hotel I opened, but also to provide children with a place to play ...... the car continued to run forward, Wilson how can not calm down. He thought, now take the train to go out less and less people, many businessmen and travelers, always take the car around, in the car increasingly become the main means of transportation today, why not open a motel chain company, specializing in motel, for those who like to see the scenery along the highway, spending time to provide accommodation and food convenience travelers? The opening of such hotels will certainly be very popular, is not this a way to make money?

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