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I. Explanation

  Anyone with a little medical knowledge knows that if a practitioner does not feel the right acupuncture point, he or she will not only fail to get a good treatment effect, but also bring more pain to the patient. In the process of habit formation, the "breakthrough" is like the "acupuncture point" in acupuncture, find the right breakthrough, good habits are not far from you. Finding a good "breakthrough" is undoubtedly a big step forward on the road to habit formation.

  Second, the case

  China's famous education expert Sun Yunxiao once interviewed the successful education in Shanghai Zhabei eight, and wrote a report literature "wake up the giants", there is a story in the book is very thought-provoking:.

  Zhou Rainbow, 13 years old, is the daughter of a big money, 1m 69m tall, but she just doesn't like to study. In order to get her grades up

  In order to improve her performance, the class teacher Zhou often gave her free tuition. However, she tried to escape in every possible way. Once she even said to Mr. Zhou, "My house is far away, and the last bus is at 6:00. If you keep me for tutoring, you can give me the money for the taxi."

  In order to cultivate Zhou Rainbow's good habit of loving learning, Zhou kept looking for ways, and then, after research, Zhou finally found a breakthrough.

  One day, Mr. Zhou asked Zhou Rainbow to talk. Zhou rainbow thought to talk about learning again, a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water look, always with eyes looking out of the window. Mr. Zhou smiled and asked.

  "Rainbow, how about you becoming a model?"

  "Be a model?"

  She couldn't believe that the class teacher would talk to her, a "poor student", about fashion.

  "The first time I saw you, I was thinking, you're 1.69, you have a good sense of aesthetics, and you have athletic potential, so modeling might be a suitable path for you.

  "But ...... but I'm so small, where can I go to be a model?"

  Zhou Rainbow came in the mood, but was at a loss for words.

  "Look, isn't the Donghua University modeling team training course enrolling?"

  Saying that, teacher Zhou took out some information, handed it to Zhou Rainbow, and said.

  "I have researched it, and I believe that you will be accepted if you go to enroll."


  Zhou Rainbow's heart beat faster. She knew that she had secretly dreamed of being a model, but for the first time, she had the chance to realize her dream.

  ...... Entering the modeling class, Zhou Rainbow seemed to be a different person, and was enthusiastic about everything in life. She was the first one to sign up for the show, saying that she would design a fashion show using newspapers. Mr. Zhou suggested that more people would be more effective. So, she got three boys and three girls.

  Since then, Zhou Rainbow has been even busier. Every weekend, she asked her classmates to go to a nearby park to practice walking the stage. She had been formally trained for some time, and with her natural inspiration, she kinda looked like a model coach. At the end of the training, she invited her classmates to her home for dinner and established a rapport with them. As a result, the show was a huge success.

  Soon after, the whole school held a class show tour. The preparatory class, led by Zhou Rainbow, was the last to appear in the modeling show and immediately conquered the whole school. No one could have imagined that a professional modeling team would emerge from Zhabei No.8 Middle School, and it was in the most lazy preparatory class. They applauded wildly and shouted their approval. Needless to say, the show won the first prize.

  Give a little sunshine and it will shine. Seeing the different Zhou Rainbow, Ms. Zhou deeply agreed with this statement and realized that successful education is education that sows sunshine.

  This day after school, she asked Zhou Rainbow to talk again. At this time, Zhou Rainbow and Zhou teachers have long been like sisters. Every exchange was a pleasure for her.

  Ms. Zhou said.

  "Rainbow, I am so happy to see that you have unlimited potential in the art of modeling!"

  "I also feel that life has become interesting and everything is so lovely!"

  "But, I am also a little worried."


  Zhou Rainbow got nervous. She knew that although Mr. Zhou was young and did not speak lightly, said anything with a more adequate preparation.

  "You go back and read it, this is the information I downloaded from the internet, all about modeling professional development."

  Teacher Zhou handed her a pile of information and calmly said.

  "Modern society is demanding more and more quality from models. For a first-class model, you need to have a university degree, and for the lowest level model, you need to graduate from secondary school. Understand?"

  A cloud swept over Zhou Rainbow's face, she pondered for a while and said.

  "That means I have to graduate from junior high school first, and then at least finish middle school or high school before I can officially enter the modeling world, right?"

  "That's exactly right." Teacher Zhou nodded and added, "I have been observing you for a long time and found that you are very spiritual. As long as you are willing to study, in an environment like the eighth grade, you will definitely succeed! And that's something that concerns your whole life."

  Perhaps this conversation was the right medicine; perhaps the success of being a model gave her a confidence she had never had before; from then on, Zhou Rainbow began to study and started to learn in a new state. She listened carefully in class, discussed with her classmates, and took the initiative to seek remedial lessons from teachers in various subjects. Gradually, Zhou's academic performance came up, and she moved forward with her model steps.

  In the above story, Zhou Rainbow was a child who loved fashion but not learning, and she was at a loss, but after observation and thinking, she finally found her "lifeline", which was "fashion". When her teacher talked to her about modeling, her eyes lit up and her heart lit up. This bright light was the motivation for her continuous progress. Through this breakthrough, she gradually began to pay attention to learning and fell in love with it.

  Some people may say that the process of finding a "breakthrough" in habit development is not a conscious process. Indeed, many people find the "breakthrough" with the help of their parents or teachers, such as parents who use the motivation method, some parents use the experience method, some parents use the comparison method, and so on. It is good to have the help of teachers, but it does not mean that we have to rely on parents or teachers.

  Let's see how this student found a breakthrough in adjusting her character flaws.

  My biggest weakness was my inability to let go of my character. Throughout elementary school, I was a student leader in my class and at school, and by the time I was in sixth grade, I was doing a great job in multiple roles. Despite this, I was well aware of my character flaws, and every time I spoke to the class or the whole school, my face would redden and my heart would beat especially hard, and my grooming naturally did not convey confidence, which made me very uneasy. One day, I happened to read an incident in a magazine: a boy was a good student, but introverted, the class teacher made him class president in order to train him, so he had to face the whole class to speak, and gradually the boy surprisingly overcame his introverted personality and became cheerful. This story had a great impact on me, "Since I am already a class leader, I have to learn to take advantage of the opportunities and take the initiative to develop myself!" From then on, I was determined to seize every opportunity to exercise myself.

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