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When we see this story, don't we think they are similar to ourselves? The duck was determined to learn to run, and the squirrel tried desperately to learn to fly. The end result is that they suffer a double blow to their bodies and minds. And what about us? Don't many of us, because, like them, we are bent on pursuing what we don't have, also make ourselves mentally frustrated in the same way? For example, the pursuit of a stationery box imported from abroad that is as high class as other students, but because their families do not have such a financial base and are prepared to suffer.

  Some of the bad habits of blind comparison and showing off that exist among us at present are as follows.

  ①Blindly comparing and showing off their dresses

  This is more obvious in the majority of secondary school students. Many people may think that primary and secondary school students are just wearing sportswear, sports shoes and so on, so how much money will they spend? In fact, although primary and secondary school students may not go to buy those high-end suits and dresses, but, if we really talk about dressing, may make many people surprised. Many middle school students are very good at talking about various brands of clothes. It's not enough to just know, students compare with each other to see whose brand of clothes is harder and whose shoes are more expensive. Take the sportswear that students wear the most, now there are many high school students have started to have brand awareness, not brand-name do not wear, not the popular celebrity as the spokesman for the brand clothes do not wear. What's more, even the domestic clothes are not worn.

  There is another form of blind comparison and show-off dressing, that is, both recognize clothes and recognize people. There are many primary and secondary school students not only to compare whose clothes brand is louder, but also compare clothes is not their own or around the hearts of their classmates favorite the most popular celebrity endorsement. This situation brings even greater blindness. For example, if you like this star today, you will definitely buy clothes endorsed by him, and if you like another star tomorrow or if another star is more appealing, you will go to buy clothes endorsed by another star. In this way, you may buy several pieces of clothes with similar functions.

  There is another, more blind form of blind comparison and show-off dressing. That is a lot of students have formed a view that his clothes and shoes all to the same brand, must be worn with. In other words, not all Nike, to be all Adidas.

  ② Blindly compare and show off their daily necessities

  For elementary and middle school students, they may extend their comparison behavior to the items they use every day. For example, school bags, stationery boxes, pens and even small erasers to compare who's more expensive and more advanced. If you pay attention, we will find that there are many such students, they are constantly buying more advanced erasers than other students, and will actually panic to their families that the eraser is lost, so they need to buy a new one. In the eyes of many people, a small eraser is not much money, so they will be at ease to ask their parents to constantly buy new ones. In fact, they do not know that now a piece of advanced eraser also cost several dollars. Besides, this is not just a matter of money, from here on, they are constantly "training" their own lying skills, and slowly develop a dishonest character, which is an important hidden danger for our healthy growth.

  (3) Blindly comparing and showing off birthday parties

  For most of our primary and secondary school students, a lavish birthday party has become an important "program" every year. Many people are not satisfied with the kind of birthday that is just a simple blessing from family or best friends, but have come up with various ways to compete with each other for their birthdays.

  Some people want their parents to pay for all their best friends in the class to go to a restaurant to have a big meal, but also can not have their parents present, they are like adults in the restaurant to eat and drink, open champagne, cut a huge cake, a grand scene.

  And those who attend other people's birthday parties are also each other than who sent the gift more "impressive", you send a hundred dollars gift, I must send two hundred dollars. The result is that everyone's gifts are more fashionable and more expensive every year.

  Some birthday girls also take the opportunity to "justify" their parents, and put forward all the requests that are usually rejected by their parents on this day, knowing that their parents will not let them be sad on this day.

  ④ Blindly compare whose car is more expensive and more advanced

  Nowadays, many people have bought a small family car at home. Originally it was just a means of transportation to make our lives more convenient. The car itself has nothing to do with the status of primary and secondary school students. But now, many primary and secondary school students have started to use their own cars as a capital to compare and show off. Some students are uncomfortable when they look at other students' fathers driving more advanced and better cars, while those who have advanced cars at home? The students who have high class cars at home will often use this as capital to show off: "Look, your father only drive 'Xiali', what a shame, my father drive Honda!" What's more, some students will say to other students: "Our car is a 'BMW', and your family can't afford to pay for the damage, next time you see our car, your 'Charade' will hurry to make way, you know? "

  If so, we will not only become "snobs", but also greatly affect the relationship with the surrounding students, and more seriously, it will affect our value orientation, so that we slowly become a money-oriented people, which is the most undesirable.

  2. Overcoming points

  First, try to understand the actual meaning and symbolic meaning of money.

  Many students have rarely or never been in contact with money, so it is difficult to understand the symbolic and practical meaning of money. Therefore, if we want to overcome the habit of blindly comparing and showing off, we must first clarify in our minds what money really means to our lives.

  Yes, for adults, money may symbolize a person's success, may represent a person's status, it is also a symbol of personal, family and social wealth. For elementary and middle school students, although money symbolizes the wealth of our families, it is created by the labor of our parents and does not have much to do with us. It is merely a resource available to us as we grow up.

  We need to learn more about the practical role of money in our lives, not just be a "schoolboy" who only knows how to reach out to our parents for money.

  First of all, we need to understand the exchange value of money in our lives. Go to the market with our parents to see how much it costs for a pound of eggs we eat, how much it costs for a piece of clothing we wear, and how many days of hard work it takes for our parents to earn that much money to buy the refrigerator and color TV we use at home. With this intuitive understanding, we will have a minimum concept of money, and will no longer think that a rubber is indifferent, invite classmates to birthday parties is indifferent.

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