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  He is subconsciously reluctant to leave his mother and enter kindergarten, and therefore, there is a series of psychological reactions. This reaction of his is actually a confrontational behavior against you for sending him to kindergarten, and is expressing dissatisfaction.

  In addition, he has spent more time with you since he was a child, and his dependence on you has become a weakness in him. It is possible that when he faces an unfamiliar life and a new environment, he does not adapt and feels stressed.

  It is important that you pay attention to this problem now. If you take your child back from kindergarten and bring him back on your own from now on because of this reaction (sickness), then you will have harmed your child all the way to the end. He will never leave you and will not have the courage to go out into society.

  So, first of all, he should gradually overcome the first emotion. You have to understand why he is discontented? You should try to understand your child, and when you send him to kindergarten, do not make him feel that you are rejecting him and no longer love and control him as much as you used to, and do not make him resentful and resistant.

  Second, you have to cooperate with the kindergarten teacher. Ask the teacher to transfer his feelings and attachment to his mother to the kindergarten life in a certain way. This requires better cooperation from the kindergarten teacher. If the teacher takes a more indifferent and less attentive attitude to this matter, it may make the conflict more acute. You should cooperate with the teacher now and discuss it so that the child is gradually transformed emotionally.

  You just need to recognize that he is such two reasons, one reason is his potential dissatisfaction with leaving you, and one reason is his sense of discomfort and stress after leaving you and entering a new environment. Once these two problems are clearly understood, you can solve the problem with the right remedy.

  You have to find ways to make your child curious and like kindergarten life; to create a sense of affection for the kindergarten teacher, which is the work you have to do. These are the specific solutions that you have to find slowly, in principle.

  When a child comes back from kindergarten, he or she is particularly grumpy, which is actually a further reaction to the mother's dissatisfaction. Mothers must pay special attention to avoid creating an Oedipus complex in their sons, which can be easily created. The Oedipus complex is detrimental to the child's physical and mental health when he grows up.

  The mother must love the child, and without love, the son's future life will be unsound, but this love must not be excessive, too much will cause the child to develop an Oedipus complex, so that he can not deal with life normally in the future. This relationship must be handled well. Otherwise, when the child grows up, he will not only have an attachment to his mother, but also a complex to control her. These are going to arise and he is already showing them at the age of three. It is important to have a review of this issue and gradually get the relationship right.

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