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It may be a bit distracting for your child to do homework while watching TV. Because music - sometimes especially as a background music - may not affect thinking too much. If your child does homework while watching a football game, it can be a bit distracting. I don't think listening to music while doing homework is a serious problem, so don't worry too much about it until it becomes a problem.

  Author: It's simply great. This child loves aviation from a young age, so it will be a good fit for him to do aviation in the future.

  Parent: But he's not doing well in school.

  Author: That's not necessarily true. I've told you that Edison was the worst student in his class when he was young, but he became a great inventor later. (to the child) Isn't that right? Anyone can study well.

  You said that in the future to engage in aviation, do you have to study well to engage in aviation ah? Otherwise, can you design airplanes? It's a lot of work to design an airplane. You have to draw the shape and design the engine inside, and only after the design is done can you fly into the sky. Do you need to learn all this?

  Let's make a plan now, in order to improve aviation in the future, let's design the best airplane, okay? (Children nod.)

  To design the best airplane, you need two things: First, you need to learn arithmetic, right? There are a lot of numbers and dimensions on the plane. You also need to be able to draw and paint well. After the plane is built you have to write an article to promote how good it is, so you also have to be good at composition. Say how good my plane is and how good it is, how many million yuan a plane, so that everyone will buy it. Is this the case?

  These skills have to have ah, or your aircraft well done still can not sell it. You see the ads often sell this and that, the aircraft must also sell ah. Let's do this, after class we play with the plane, look at the pictures, and later can do model airplanes.

  I suggest you do model airplanes in the future, to do the kind of small aircraft, throwing, rubber band bouncing, later a little older can also do the kind of remote control, have you seen?

  Child: Yes.

  Author: At the same time, when the class to learn the homework well. Let's make a clear distinction between class and class, okay? How about a man, make up his mind?

  Child: OK.

  Author: Okay, let's make a deal! (Parents applaud.) The teacher told you that when I was a child, the teacher made us carry our hands behind our backs.

  Children: Hands behind your back.

  Author: We had to carry our hands in all the classes at that time, and we didn't move our hands at all. So the teacher praised me, look how well he carried his hands. The more I carried my hand, the more I raised my hand only when answering questions. You try this, we must do better than others.

  When people memorize their hands, they pay special attention. You think I'll understand everything the teacher says in class, review less after class, and then play with the plane. Do you see this method is good?

  I love to play when I was small, but I pay special attention in class and I understand everything. After class, I did my homework and finished it in a while. After I was done, I played what I wanted to play. Can we do this?

  Child: Yes!

  Author: Let's give him a round of applause. (A big round of applause. (Author to parent) You don't have to worry about your child's motivation at all, he likes model airplanes now, we have to combine his interest with his study, and later let him read some experiences of these inventors and designers about aerospace design to encourage him. Learn well in class, pay attention, and play the plane well after class.

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