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You should not worry. According to the state of the child now, as long as the parents do not make mistakes in the treatment of his attitude, the child will not fail to develop his interest in learning in the classroom and extracurricular learning in the future. You need to build up this confidence.

  So, how can you not make mistakes? It is to master the rules of developing your child's interest, and I would like to make a few suggestions.

  The first suggestion: I think you have the right attitude towards him in his swimming problem, children can not be smooth sailing, children learn any thing, should not only focus on the ranking, this should be clear with him, and you should encourage him this spontaneous state. At the same time it is important to combine your child's motivation in this area with the motivation to get better grades as much as possible.

  If possible, you do a little communication with his swimming teacher that developing a child's interest is multilateral environment. It is very likely that the teacher has cultivated the child's interest, but the parents have destroyed it; it is also possible that the parents are very careful to cultivate the child's interest, and the teacher has accidentally thwarted it. So parents and teachers have to cooperate with each other.

  Because he is still relatively small, when he is older, he can master himself. At a young age with an integrated approach resulting in a way to guide and cultivate his interest. Many children today are only children, they often enjoy the special treatment of "first member" at home, all the elders are the best for them. However, in the outside world, he is not an only child anymore, everyone is together, and everyone is a student of the coach. One issue that should be on the agenda at such a time is to develop a sense of wholeness and morality in children.

  In this generation of children, because of the general state of "I am the first" and "I am the center", one of the main difficulties in their social behavior in the future is this problem. Whoever is good at thinking not only from their own point of view, but also from the point of view of others and from the point of view of the whole will have a more harmonious and smooth future in society and in life, with fewer setbacks.

  Smart parents should use the setbacks their children suffer as good material for teaching their children character toward all-round development. The attitude towards your child's learning should still follow your child's own interest in learning. If you want to make a little adjustment to your child and your adjustment is right, you have to take advantage of the situation. For example, if your child wants to learn math now, you can encourage it; you want your child to do synchronous learning, and synchronous learning, if it is indeed necessary, you have to guide your child's interest in this area before you can.

  The fact that he is not motivated by your request indicates that there is something wrong with your art of guidance and that you do not have enough authority. If possible, work with the teacher and discuss it. The teacher can help and work with you to make a little adjustment to your child if the teacher thinks it is necessary. In addition, never expect your child to be all things to all people, which is good, but consider your child's receptiveness, tolerance and ease of living.

  Second advice: health first.

  I am a person who likes children more, nowadays the only child on the one hand is very cute, including children some capricious things sometimes I also think it is very cute, because they grow up with a more developed personality and a wide range of interests, which is their excellent thing. Now, it is precisely necessary to see the children more excellent than our generations, but also to see their weaknesses and guide them in a rational and correct way.

  If a child encounters a setback, we need to take advantage of the situation. Overcome a setback and they will mature a little and perfect a little. It is unthinkable for a child to grow up without experiencing setbacks, and they should be guided to overcome them on their own.

  What does that mean? The eight words "appreciation, praise, encouragement, and example" mentioned earlier can also be applied to the character development of children.

  The child encountered a little difficulty when learning to swim, their own results are not satisfactory or the coach is not the most important to him, this is a little frustration. However, after some guidance, he can overcome the setback and establish the correct concept, maybe he will say, I don't care about this, I swim for health, I can learn what degree to learn what degree, can compete for the first, can't compete for the first, the second can also, the third can also, the fourth can also, as long as the effort can.

  If the child has established a correct concept under the guidance of parents, you should appreciate this concept, appreciate his progress, praise him for this progress, so that the child gets a more important thing than swimming itself.

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