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  Proper family education is based on ten principles.

  First, we are required to be thorough in theory and direct to the heart. It should directly reveal the laws of educating children, and point out the various misunderstandings of family education and enter the right idea.

  Secondly, it is specific and feasible in terms of method. Including how to deal with children's conflicts, conflicts, what method should be used to solve all have specific methods, including how to deal with children who can not accept criticism, there are specific ways to deal with. The method is simple, clear and feasible, you only need to learn to do, as long as do can be used, it is effective.

  Third, in the implementation, first of all, parents adjust their own mentality, design a good image for themselves as parents, and then design an image for their children, and use certain procedures to stabilize this image.

  Fourth, the principle of interaction. What do you mean by the principle of interaction, that is, parents and children interact with each other, together with the changes that occur. Not a method, a throw to the child, the parents are fine; or parents take it to look twice, the child is fine. It's not. It's like I just had an exchange with my child. A kind of interaction. Interaction is that you use this method to treat the child, the child in turn will immediately feedback information to you, so that the interaction, the child will happen obvious progress, and the parent state will be better and better.

  Fifth, taking into full consideration the work environment and living environment of contemporary parents, it does not require parents to spend long hours with their children to replace teachers tutoring various subjects. Any kind of tutoring advocated in this way, I think, is a misconception. The child has a teacher at school and a lot of homework, and then he or she comes home and takes a lot of classes, tying all the parents to the child, who has not grown up. This is not the case.

  Sixth, it can be implemented from the age of zero to sixteen. It can also be implemented when the child is older than sixteen, and even he himself can implement it on himself. Really inspire a life, no matter what age you are, to be able to really have an inner motivation to develop holistically. To really build the five motivations, to develop all-round qualities and to grow into a complete and successful life.

  Seventh, our education for children now must be a comprehensive education, not just a general concept of talent yet, but a broad concept of talent. Whether it is the ability to learn, the ability to adapt to society, the ability to survive in the world around him, including his physical and mental health, all aspects, there should be a comprehensive development.

  Eighth, there is a set of efficient learning guidance methods. We believe that as long as you are a healthy child, you have the potential to become a learning genius if you have the right approach. If you are not guided by the right methods from a young age, then this opportunity may be lost. We hope that parents will master these methods as they learn.

  Ninth, proper home education should ultimately result in success in the lives of both parents and children. For example, the child progresses and the parents are happy. That child just said very well, "Mom should be more optimistic, right? Remember, if you are more optimistic and have the right approach, not only will your child develop better, but your life will be better too.

  Tenth, the right approach to homeschooling will give you and your children more opportunities in life. When you are in a good frame of mind and you face the world around you with a smile, there is no doubt that you can also increase many people and opportunities in your life. I think anyone who walks down the road with a cross-eyed smile will have so many fewer opportunities, right? Asking for directions may not even be a good idea.

  So, think about it, you yourselves at home, whether you are a husband or a wife, what face do you get from the other side, does it matter? Is it comfortable for you to have a nagging face? Are you comfortable with a grumbling face or a counted face? Whether it's in the home or in other areas, the face you get from the other person sometimes has a big impact on your mood!

  Remember, when we treat our children, we must always have a smile on our face. So, successful, healthy parents and successful, healthy children are one and the same thing. Then, real homeschooling is something that parents themselves have to learn gradually later.

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