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  Homeschool teachers of course follow the pattern of homeschool teachers, and the parents are such a case that the mother is not easy to manage much because she is a stepmother. The father is going from one extreme to the other. It used to be a scolding style, but now it has become a coddling style because of guilt. The child has put the blame on the father. This is a very harsh resentment and criticism of the father.

  Then you need to tell her that now that you are older, no one is to blame.

  I think the fact that this child is not working hard in her studies now shows a dissatisfaction with her parents. Because children have a mentality that they are not self-conscious, that they are learning for their parents. All children have it. When they do well on a test, they rush home to tell mom and dad, and after reporting, they pretend not to care, but actually wait for their parents' praise. If you do not do well in the exam, you are also afraid that your mom and dad will say that a big motivation for the exam is to be able to turn in your mom and dad.

  The mother divorced and left, first of all, she is dissatisfied with her mother. If a child is unhappy with her mother, and then unhappy with her father's scolding, she is likely to develop a mentality that I will not learn properly. This is a kind of disguised and unconscious revenge against the parents. The tutor is generally concerned with learning and not with the psychology of the student, and the child actually needs to address psychological, emotional and emotional problems.

  Of course, you can talk to her father. Now for this child, I can understand her psychology, she feels that her current father and her past mother owe her.

  Her father used to scold her so much, she fought against it, and now he is coddling her, she feels that her father owes her even more. She has seen her father owe her. Yeah, how come you don't owe me and now you're changing your attitude towards me? So, in this case it must be told to the child that you are older and now is the time for you to learn for yourself, you don't learn for anyone, you learn for yourself and fight for yourself. This is the most important thing.

  Since this child has so much potential and is so smart, she will make a relatively big difference if she puts in the work.

  This is the second thing you have to tell her, that you are very smart and have good qualities, you just have to work a little bit harder and you will make great progress. After the progress, it brings confidence to yourself. It is also possible that your life starts to change from this one stage.

  You have to tell her that what her life will be like in the future will be determined by what she changes during this time. If she drags her feet for a long time, she will drag herself out of it.

  Please tell her three things.

  The first sentence: Learn for yourself.

  Second sentence: you have a lot of potential, very smart, very good quality, just work hard, there will be changes immediately. As soon as you improve, you will have more confidence in yourself.

  Third sentence: You can't miss this stage anymore, it's an important period of your life. Seize it to change yourself and will determine your whole life.

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