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  The reason why many families benefit from the right approach to education is its thoroughness. As the ancients say, "Directly to the heart", the issue of parenting must also be directed to the heart - directly to the fundamental relationship between us and our children, to a fundamental way of thinking about the education of our children as parents.

  I hope that every parent can become a wise parent. What does a wise parent look like? Everyone should experience it. The world famous inventor Thomas Edison, as we all know, invented many things. When he was in the first grade, he was at the bottom of his class, and he was scribbling all day long. I just told the child is folded paper, Edison is everywhere scribble. The principal and teachers said he was mentally retarded, let parents take him back. Edison's mother led her child to school and angrily found the principal and teachers and said, "My child is a genius, and you don't understand him!" This bit of understanding on the part of the mother made Edison the greatest inventor in the world.

  This mother is not a chaperone type, according to my understanding, Edison's mother is not highly educated, and will not be as worried as we now manage only child. Why did her child later become a great inventor? It is her real understanding and appreciation of her child as a parent that gave the child upward motivation and interest in learning.

  If his mother had done this (and most likely you did): "Son, why don't you study hard? Why do you scribble every day? The principal says you're retarded, the teacher says you're retarded, you're pissing me off!" Think about it, will there be a future for this child? No, not at all!

  It is very important for parents to communicate with their children. Many of us parents nowadays, live a very hard life! Many parents have a sad face when it comes to their children's problems, what are they worried about? The parents of children who are poor learners are definitely worried; the children who are better learners are also worried: can they get into key schools? Parents of children studying in key schools are also worried: the Chinese exams and entrance exams in front of ...... have a variety of worries every day. As a result, not only can not make the child learning problems and various aspects of the problem to get a good solution, but also make parents premature aging, right? A young face can be worried into a not so young face, a middle-aged face can be worried into an old face, an old face can be worried into a sickly face ...... right?

  The misconceptions of homeschooling are also misconceptions for parents in their own lives.

  Some of the problems that parents communicate with me are very specific. When I said that complaining, nagging, urging, scolding, reprimanding, chaperoning, arranging, worrying, which of these "styles" are you using to educate your children, one parent told me that this is the situation in her family: the husband and One parent told me that her family was like this: the husband's and the wife's ways combined to fill all of the "styles" I just mentioned.

  Since there are a little more women than men who teach, I like to make a particularly simple analogy: How motivated are you to cook when people don't praise or even express dissatisfaction with your meal after you have cooked it at home? (Laughter) The lesbians are laughing! You are so sensitive to these little things! Everyone has a family, we all know that, don't we? You cook for half a day, but the other party does not appreciate, does not praise, but also picky, then count, then complain, then nag, or cooking and then give you a rush type, what do you feel good ah?

  I have seen more than once that some families are like this, the parents say: "You still do not study to go!" The child gets anxious and says, "I wanted to go, but I don't want to study when you say that." (Laughter) Aren't adults like that too? But why can't our parents put their hearts in the right place when it comes to teaching their children?

  You think you love your children, but do you understand their state of mind? When your child comes back from a test today, you ask, "How many points did you get on the test?" Is that right? "Where did you finish in the class?" That's definitely the case. Have you ever thought about what kind of psychology your child has when he walks home to his parents with a result that has already been announced? His psychology is definitely much more subtle than you, a wife, trying to wait for your husband's praise after cooking.

  In this world, everyone is doing things for themselves as well as for others. Children are learning for themselves, but in a sense they are also learning for the world around them. Do you understand what that means? He is still learning for his parents in a certain sense, in a psychological sense! Think about it, if your child's test score is a little better than the last time, even a little better, when he walks home, you don't know how much he wants his mom and dad to praise him. He did a little better this time than last time, improved a little, this improvement is not very big, you the parent and very careless, look at it, think it is not very wonderful, casually said: "That's it, it's okay!" You think you are very forgiving, and the child's heart is the same as splashing cold water. If the child did a little worse in the test, there was already a lot of psychological burden, at this time a parent's criticism, a reproach, it is entirely possible that the child's motivation is greatly frustrated.

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