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  Author: I hope all parents and children will show encouragement and support to him, okay? (Everyone applaud hard.) This is how this problem should be solved. Because of the lack of concentration in class and thinking about soccer, it will be difficult to do homework.

  Parent: The ones he can do, he also plays while doing them.

  Author: Do I think this problem can be solved?

  Parent: Yes.

  Author: Okay, I want the parents to check their understanding and knowledge of their child. Also I would like to get this child's acknowledgement of the parent's efforts. Okay, that's it. (After a round of applause) Good! Your child is pretty good! Appreciate this hobby of his, it's a particularly cute hobby for a boy.

  Parent: He's timid.

  Writer: He's not timid at all. (Everyone laughs) That's good, and the speech is very clear.

  Parent: Thank you!

  Author: He really has the quality of a soccer player. Look at the eyes, (laughter) like an athlete. I hope that we can all find the basic ideas to implement the right education for our children from one case to another, to be able to enter the child's mind.

  Only by studying the child can you be a good parent. Be sure to understand your child. If your child is in the sixth grade and you don't know what your child's inattention is in class, it is a parental failure. Is that right? Well, today you understand your child at once because he likes soccer and is thinking about soccer, which is a very cute idea. However, this cute idea had a strong backlash in the past because he didn't appreciate it too much and suppressed it. You know what I mean? So parents need to understand.

  I saw a parent today whose child is a middle school student and used to go to class early and come home late, but his academic performance was not good. After participating in our counseling activities, the parents communicated with the child, and the child told the parents that every morning after he went to class, he talked to a girl and had a tendency to fall in love early! And he told his mother very frankly, "Don't oppose me talking, she may be your daughter-in-law in the future! (Laughter) Very good boy! A very frank child!

  Nowadays, if parents are a little bit smart, their children can move forward. I think there is no such thing as a bad parent.

  I just said that the kid talked to the girl, and they didn't talk badly, it was good, right? The main thing is that the timing is not good. I know that you have made progress in your studies and I am especially happy! When your mother came for the second time, she said she was on a business trip after listening to the first lecture, and came home a week later to see that her child's study and homework had improved compared to the past. Why did she improve without the parents? The child's own determination.

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