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  If a tutoring method does not really work for each family, if it does not work from the first day of learning, if it does not work from the first hour of learning, I do not think it can be considered a good method. The good things in the world, the truth, should be both profound and simple to understand. Especially when it comes to educating the next generation of children, it is useless to talk a lot about it and still not be able to solve the problem of educating children in every family.

  In the summer of 1996, we conducted a 7-day intensive training program for 150 middle school students. Can such a short period of seven days solve the problem of the development of the children's overall quality? When we integrated the right educational methods into this camp activity, after only 7 days of training, all 150 students could be said to have changed in different degrees. These changes are not only the improvement of learning ability and creativity, but also the overall development of mental ability, social communication ability, language ability and public relations ability.

  There is a girl who used to be a little bit poorer in learning and had low self-esteem, and was afraid to speak up in the class. In the training camp, we have a component called "walk up to the podium to speak and express" training. After repeated encouragement from her classmates, she finally stepped up to the podium.

  After the training, her mother wrote to say that her child came home a different person! In a foreign language class, the teacher called on a good student to stand up and recite the text, but the student failed to do so. When she was called, she stood up and recited it so fluently that the teacher and the class couldn't help but applaud her. The math teacher also said, "How come this student's brain works better after one summer vacation? It was incredible to see this change. During the semester, she miraculously improved her scores by about 20 points in all her subjects! What does 20 or so points mean? If a student scores 70, she will become a 90! And she has become bold, active, brave, and loves to speak. When she was cleaning the glass, she fell off the windowsill and broke her foot. Her parents wrote a note to let her rest, but she gritted her teeth and went to school. She ran to gym class with her classmates even though her foot was injured, and the whole class applauded for her. Here is what her parents wrote in their letter: The right approach to education has brought my daughter and our family out of the darkness.

  We believe that with the right approach, educating our children is actually a very easy, happy and enjoyable thing to do. And now maybe we are doing the opposite with our children's education, something that is not so easy, not so happy, not so pleasant, and I hope that parents will find a right method early.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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