Do not do unto others as you would have them do unto you-Woodmam


  If we want our children to succeed, we must not be the one who pushes the car forward, and we must not smash the car when we are in a hurry, but be the one who is good at getting the car started. The main wisdom of parents is how to fully mobilize their children's interest, motivation and confidence in learning.

  We adults all have things we like to do, why do you like to do it and work hard at it? You either think it is important, you work hard, you want to be strong, maybe you are interested in it, or you also have a high self-confidence, think you are especially good. So, the main job of parents is to mobilize the three motivations of their children.

  Most children who are not developing well intellectually or mentally are doing so because their parents or schools are frustrating them. I wonder how much frustration there is throughout the day and how it is possible to ask a child to grow up to be an ideal person at the same time.

  The key is to get the child in shape. The same goes for adults. If you're surrounded by nagging and nagging, you're not going to get anything done.

  Many things under the sky are transitional, not a child is not good at math, you always have to work on math. Human self-esteem and self-confidence are integrated, and so is human inferiority complex. Get hit at one point and you get hit in every other area. Encouragement at one point will encourage you in all other areas.

  It is very easy to destroy a child's state of being, and some parents who think they love their children are destroying their children's motivation every day. Isn't this destroying their own offspring? The face of a parent has a far greater impact on a child than the parent can imagine.

  A face can sometimes make all the difference.

  One parent who was new to homeschooling learned to say to her child, "You're great, you're doing a great job. As a result, the child actually made a big difference. If this parent had been at a higher level, the child would have changed even more. This level is reflected in the appreciation and praise should be specific, such as essay, you have to specifically find the beginning or end of the essay is particularly good, or the writing is particularly good.

  There is power in appreciation and compliments. Specific appreciation and compliments are even more powerful. Sincere and specific appreciation and compliments motivate your child in every way.

  When you treat your child right, you actually treat yourself right. When you treat your child with a smiling face, with understanding and appreciation, not counting, not reprimanding, you will find yourself in a changed state of mind.

  There are two kinds of self-adjustment, one is closed self-reference. Looking at the banners on the wall "Confident and positive", "Smile and optimistic", you will get good hints to adjust yourself. However, the best self-adjustment is in the behavior. If you smile when you're alone and adjust yourself, if you smile when you speak to another person, the smile is more real and has a more contextual feel.

  The setting is especially important. When you treat your child with the right attitude, you also adjust yourself. Any attitude and outlook that leads to the healthy development of the child is actually the outlook of a healthy, developing and successful parent.

  You fret, you are not good for your child, and you are not good for yourself. You frown, you're stressful to your child, and you're not good for yourself. When parents implement the right educational approach, they also reinvent themselves. Both for their children and for themselves.

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