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  We talk about many examples in the book, and I hope you will collect some more vivid examples in newspapers and magazines about how spoiled children end up being victimized, and how children who are not spoiled end up being more successful. These vivid examples will allow both generations to be influenced by their eyes and ears and to form a generally consistent view, so that they will be more consistent in their practices later.

  When you want to shape and adjust your child in a good direction, you must first shape and adjust his environment. So you have to do not only the work of the child, but also the work of the entire surrounding environment. That is to say, on the one hand, let the child be well educated in the basic issues that will be his main influence, while some other influences are unavoidable and completely avoiding them is unrealistic and equally detrimental to the child's growth. It is important to let the child know what is due and what is right. Wouldn't that be better?

  What about children who are afraid of being born?

  Parent: I have a two year old daughter who I think is not very adaptable to her environment. I think she has seen a lot of people, but the improvement in this area has not been obvious.

  Author: Parents must first be more open. We have noticed that some children do not even speak out loud until they are a few years old, but then they develop very well, because each child has its own special rules of development.

  In addition, since you realize that your child may be a little worse in this area, you have to guide her. There is a method for this guidance, called from easy to difficult. First, train her to read aloud in an environment where she is not familiar with the language, such as when she is with you and your relatives, and give her the opportunity to act out her speech; then, gradually expand to people she is half familiar with. Do not make her do something difficult all at once. This should solve the problem. But be careful not to force her, whenever she makes progress, be sure to give encouragement, mainly to encourage.

  Never repeat to someone: My child is afraid of being born. Never repeat this phrase.

  Just a little good performance must be encouraged.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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