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  The players are the most active on the field and the referees are the busiest. The referees keep both eyes on both athletes, flashing yellow cards from time to time to say "you've committed a foul" and sometimes sending off the best athletes mercilessly. It is a pity that an athlete who has already won a competition is found to have doped during a medical examination and is therefore disqualified because he has broken the rules of the competition.

  Rules are certain standards, laws and customs; rules are systems or regulations laid down for everyone to follow.

  Rules and regulations are inseparable from any game or event; they are even more inseparable in our common human life. Many laws and regulations have been enacted in our country to regulate people's behaviour, and only when everyone abides by the law will society as a whole function properly. If everyone did whatever they wanted, the world would be in chaos and people would not be able to live together; if cars drove however they wanted, countless people would die in car accidents every day.

  If there are no rules, there are no rules.

  You have to obey the traffic laws when you travel. Our traffic rules stipulate that people should walk on the right side, vehicles should also drive on the right side, people should use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road, and if there is a signal, you should obey the command of the signal - red light stop, green light go.

  When riding in a car you have to abide by the rules of riding in a car, you have to abide by the rules when you ride to and from school every day, such as queuing up to get on the bus without crowding, holding your feet firmly when the car is moving, not sticking your head out of the window, not throwing things out of the window, not talking to the driver, not picking up behind the truck, not overcrowding the bus, not playing on the carriageway ......

  Once a passenger plane full of passengers had an accident in the air and finally landed after several big ups and downs, many passengers on board were injured while all the Japanese passengers were unhurt. This was because each of them had fastened their seat belts as required when they boarded the plane. So, if you want to be safe and sound, you must follow the rules carefully.

  Laws and regulations will only protect you if people obey the law.

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