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Five ordinary words, but an important rule of being a human being.
"Virtue produces good talent." Good civilized habits come from the cultivation of good moral character. Only by teaching children to "think of others" in everything from childhood, to be civilized and orderly, can they grow up to have the consciousness to act in a civilized and polite manner.
In our life, this kind of thing is often ignored. When many adults enter the door, they push the door open and let go immediately, and the door bounces back with great inertia, hitting the people behind. For example, some people throw fruit peel on the roadside, never considering whether it will make others slip; some people spit on their bikes, not caring whether they will spit on the people behind them; others, in public places, make loud noises, not thinking about whether it will affect the work or rest of others. They don't know that when the person on the stage is speaking in a meeting, someone in the audience is also speaking on the stage, which is disrespectful to the speaker on the stage; the teacher is standing on the podium lecturing, and the students are talking nonsense below, which is disrespectful to the teacher; loud jokes on the bus is not only disrespectful to the people around, but also a distraction to the driver's attention.
"To think of others" is an important code of Ye's writing, and more importantly, an important code of his person, which can be shown even in some small places. Once, Ye Shengtao asked his son Ye Zhicheng to take a pen, and his son handed it over without raising his head. Unexpectedly, the tip of the pen was passed into his father's hand. He seriously criticized his son: "When handing something to someone, think about whether it is convenient for them to receive it first. If you do the same with knives and scissors, you'll break someone's hand, won't you?"

  In this way, little by little, day by day, the three Ye siblings not only learned to compose, but also learned to behave.

  "To think of others", ordinary five words, but has a profound connotation. This is "an important code for people".

  It is too late to tell your child about this code when you go to school, but you should let your child know about it from an early age and act according to it.

  So, who should tell the children? It should be the mother, of course, and the father.

  The responsibility of parents is to teach their children to behave. Learning to behave is the cornerstone of one's successful career. And most of the truths of being a man are not learned by sitting in a classroom, but by parents teaching their children anytime and anywhere in life.

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