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Save some face.

  A child's greatest fear is the loss of dignity.

  The most valuable thing a person can have is dignity. For a child, the most fearful thing is not sticks or fists, but loss of face and loss of dignity. When you know that your child has stolen something, but you are not sure, please stay calm and never accuse your child; and when you have evidence to confirm that your child has made a mistake, please make sure to give your child some face, your child will be grateful to you for a lifetime!

  I can't forget the article "Orange Peel" written by writer Liang Xiaosheng. When Liang Xiaosheng was in elementary school, his family was in great difficulty, and his father was suffering from asthma and coughing very hard. He heard that orange peels could cure asthma, so he secretly took away the dried orange peels drying on the classroom windowsill. The teacher found out about it and kept it a secret for him, not talking about it to others. Liang said he was grateful to the teacher from the bottom of his heart, and that gratitude continues to this day, encouraging him to spend his life trying to give back to society.

  There is nothing more important for a child than to protect his self-esteem.

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