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In the 21st century, three competencies are needed: interpersonal skills, communication skills and cooperation skills, which are collectively known as interpersonal skills. To be successful in such an era, one must have a high level of interpersonal skills and learn to live together with others.

  Everyone wants to get along with others and be a popular person.

  However, there is a great deal to learn about getting along with people.

  What exactly should you do to be successful?

  From the successful experiences of many students, we can summarise the "six secrets of getting along with others".

  Respect other people's opinions

  When talking to someone, do not dismiss their opinion at the outset, but consider what is reasonable and start with what both parties agree on.

  II. See the role of others

  Don't feel that you are the only one who matters, but recognise that everyone is important and make the other person feel that they are an 'important person'.

  Praise the benefits of others

  Everyone has a desire to be appreciated, and those who are able to identify and sincerely praise the strengths of others in a timely manner will be welcomed by all.

  Learning from the strengths of others

  Everyone has strengths, and those who are good at learning from their strengths are the most powerful.

  V. Thank others for their help

  Everywhere you go every day, say a few words of thanks and leave little sparks of friendliness. These little sparks will ignite the flame of friendship.

  Six: Forgive others for their faults

  No one is perfect and everyone has faults. We need to remember more of the good in others and not always take their faults to heart. I sincerely hope you can handle your relationships well and have more friends.

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