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 For thousands of years, man's knowledge of himself has remained a mystery, with few people knowing exactly the limits of their potential.

  Nature has blessed every human being with enormous potential, but it has not been fully realised due to the lack of relevant training and corresponding development. Even a person who has produced brilliant results has used less than one percent of his brain's potential in his lifetime.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

  Any ordinary person can achieve something amazing, but the key is to learn to develop one's own potential in life.

  Pan Hong is remarkable! Although she was just an ordinary student at a school for the deaf, she made it to the podium of the International Children's Film Festival and won the Best Actor Award!

  Pan Hong - the deaf teenager - has achieved great success and her potential in life has been put to good use. Why was she able to achieve success! When I interviewed her, she told me about two of her "treasures".

  First, she always believes that "I can do it". Although I live in a silent world, I believe in 'I can do it'," says Pan Hong. If a normal girl can learn to dance, so can I!" It is self-belief that mobilises the latent abilities of Pan Hong's body, pushing all parts of her body and brain to function at their best. When she couldn't hear the music, she followed the rhythm of the dance by watching the teacher's hand gestures and feeling the vibrations from the floor as the teacher hit the drum with her toes. With her heart's love for life, Pan Hong understands dance and life.

  Secondly, getting up again after falling down. Learning to dance, becoming a film actress and winning awards, for a mute girl, all sorts of difficulties were like "shadows in the sun" accompanying Pan Hong. Pan Hong knows that "there is no straight path under the sky" and believes that "with confidence and strength, all difficulties will be solved".

  After reading Pan Hong's story, you must be thinking: If Pan Hong can do it, I can do it! Yes, reaching your potential means seeing yourself in a new light and not being discouraged by momentary failures and setbacks. "If you can think like this, your brain will be in a positive state of activity and you will become so confident that you will start to "think in your favour". If you learn this way of thinking, and you are determined to do it, you will be amazed at how much I can do! I can really do it too!

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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