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Do trust your children by telling them that

  I. Believe in yourself - dare to criticize yourself

  People who really believe that "I can do it" are the ones who dare to criticize themselves.

  It is impossible for a person not to do something wrong, especially children, who grow up knowing, admitting and correcting their mistakes. Smart people do wrong, never rely on others, but from their own body to find the reason, the more intelligent; stupid people do wrong, always looking for "objective", blame God, the results become more and more stupid.

 Second, trust others - happily accept criticism

  "I can do" people, not only from the praise to gain strength, but also from the criticism to gain strength.

  The people who criticize you are the ones who care about you, no matter if they are well-intentioned or malicious. If you hear someone say something bad about you and you rush to defend yourself first, you won't be able to do anything. When you hear criticism, you can do two things.

Third, others trust - discipline in trust

  Children who grow up in trust are often confident, and the power of trust is in making children feel that "I can do it".

  If you always remind your child to bring this and that every morning, he will lose everything. Your child has the ability to learn, grow and improve every day, but your "nagging" makes him lose his confidence.

 Give your child a free space to play, and he will learn to manage himself. I told Gege to go to bed on time and get up on time every day, so that when it's time to get up, he can wake up on his own without an alarm clock.

  In fact, it is more difficult to "ignore" than to "control". It's not that your child can't do it, but you have to be open-minded and trust your child from the bottom of your heart.

  If a child makes a mistake, teachers and parents are necessary to give warmth after criticism and punishment, which is the same as telling the child that the adults are not denying the child himself, but the child's wrongdoing. Therefore, discipline should have a loving and trusting ending.

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