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Evaluation is a kind of power, moreover, it is a kind of ability.

  I. Self-evaluation - a correct view of oneself

  In a squadron cadre re-election, a boy boldly walked up to the stage and said to his classmates: "I have three strengths as a person, one is love to help people; two is able to unite people; three is love to use their brains to think of ways. My weaknesses also have three, one is love to lose temper; two is sometimes careless and sloppy; three is love to make small movements in class. I hope I can have the opportunity to serve you all, and I hope you will vote for me." His sincerity drew loud applause from his classmates. After being elected as the squadron leader, he did a great job.

  No matter who you are, you have strengths and weaknesses, and you have strengths and weaknesses. People who firmly believe that "I can do it" are not without flaws and shortcomings, but are good at promoting their "good" side, while daring to face their "bad" side.

  Some children have poor mental capacity, listening to others criticize themselves can not stand, and even because of a couple of words and light. Such vulnerability is often due to being spoiled from childhood, can not dialectical view of their own. In fact, say you have advantages, can not cover up your shortcomings; say you have shortcomings, but also can not deny your advantages.

  Second, evaluate others - the correct view of others

  The so-called correct evaluation of others, is an objective and comprehensive view of people, and to make a fair evaluation of people. As a child, it is impossible to be good at everything and not have any flaws; it is also impossible to be bad at everything and not have any merits. We can't "feel the elephant with a blind man" and think it's all because we feel a part of it.

  The family is the initiation school where we teach our children to see others in a proper and comprehensive way. For example, my father says of my mother, "She is a warm-hearted person, but she is careless." Mom evaluates dad: "Very stable, but fussy ......" Such evaluation will make children from childhood have the concept: the foot has a short, inch has a long; gold has no foot, no one is perfect. Those families who are always talking about others and badmouthing them at home will raise children who are narrow-minded and love to make things right and wrong.

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