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Learning to work with people is the beginning of success.

  Cooperation means that people cooperate with each other. A person's success depends to a large extent on his or her ability to work together. The meaning of "I can do it" is not "only I can do it, no one else can do it", but on the contrary, it means "taking the strengths of others and making up for their weaknesses, taking the strengths and making up for the weaknesses to go around the world". As Liu, the headmaster of Beijing Guangming Primary School, summed up, "You are good at this point, I am good at that point, and we can all cooperate."

  Modern society needs people with a collaborative spirit. Some parents love their children, but are reluctant to let their children play with other children. Slowly, the children develop a withdrawn personality and are very out of touch, and often fall into distress when they grow up because they cannot handle relationships well.

I. To learn to work with others, one must really realise that others are important

  When interacting with people, you must respect and value them, so that the other person feels that they are important in your mind.

In this world, every person has great potential, and you must not only know your own potential, but also the potential of others. If you respect others, they will also respect and value you. In this way, you and the person can become true friends and your career can be successful.

Second, learn to cooperate with others, we must be sincerely interested in others

  A person will only get many friends if he is sincerely interested in others. Some parents are not allowed to ask their children about anything else as long as they care about their academic performance. Over time, children develop the habit of caring only about themselves, asking others to satisfy them, and not thinking about what difficulties others have. They don't enjoy helping others and getting help from them. A 13-year-old boy in Changchun City threatened his parents with death simply because they did not meet their demands, and committed suicide three times in a week by taking pills, which was fortunately found in time to rescue him.

Children will eventually have to go out into society and deal with people no matter what kind of work they do. Only when they are interested in the object of their work can they develop a passion and a creativity.

  Third, learn to work with people, we must give others sincere care

  The reason why people become friends is that they think of each other and are concerned about each other.

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