Smile in the face of difficulty-Woodmam


"If there is a mountain before us, we climb it bravely; if there is a storm, we are the eagle soaring. When we fall, get up and say, I can do it! We will not be discouraged if we fail, we will say, I can do it! Go for success again. I can do it, with confidence; I can do it, with more determination; I can do it, to open up a new life."

  This song "I can do it", written by the famous children's poet Jin Bo and composed by the famous composer Qu Xixian, sings the heartfelt words of the brave youngsters of today.

  On the road of life, there are plains and streams, but also mountains and rivers; there is brilliant sunshine, but also wind and rain. Only those who are brave can be like the sea swallows in a storm, "skimming the surface of the sea proudly, like dark grey lightning".

  One day, a brave little petrel from the Dabie Mountains came to me: Lin Chen from the 13th Primary School in Xinyang, Henan Province.

  When Lin Chen was seven years old, she was stricken with a disease that was difficult to treat. Her mother and father took her away from Xinyang to Beijing Children's Hospital for treatment.

  During her three years in Beijing, Lin Chen experienced pain that no other child had ever experienced and endured a major operation.

  The operation went very well.

  What Lin Chen has learnt is that if you have courage and a happy mood, you can smile in the face of difficulties!

  Lin Chen is amazing! Her illness was very serious and caused her a lot of physical pain, but when I saw her, all I saw was the happy smile that spread across her face. It was the smile of the brave, it was the smile of the victor!

  If, for example, you encounter difficulties in life, can you walk through them with a smile like Lin Chen did?

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