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A well-mannered and well-mannered mom can raise lovely girls.
It was late at night and the clock was pointing to 12 o'clock. My eyelids were so heavy that they were sticking to one spot, and my writing hand was not listening to me. I asked, "Lynn, how much more is left? Mom can't stand it anymore!" She still had her head buried in her book and replied softly, "Almost there, halfway."

  In the past two years, she had been working hard to "climb the ladder," and I had been promoted to not only mother, but also her "secretary": she wrote, I transcribed, and when she went off to study, I sent out letters of submission and bound materials for her. At this time, I look at her back, very heartbroken, after all, she is only 13 years old, the body is still very tender, so stay up late, will not grow tall.

  In the past two years, she has written tens of thousands of words of articles, most of which were completed late at night. So far, I have lost count of the number of days she stayed up late climbing the grid. She often apologized to me, saying that she was dragging her mother down, always wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. Her love, her gratitude was all given to me in this one moment.

  She took special care to make use of the limited time she had. In her words, "to prolong every minute of life relatively". She often missed classes due to social work, but she never dared to slack off in her studies, calculating every second. Before each big exam, she did not think about the result of the exam, but about how to do her best to study well, and often urged herself, "Don't miss the roses opening in front of your window for the rose garden far away." This intention is really important. Before each exam she was both serious and spontaneous, and did well, but afterwards she was not the least bit overjoyed, as if she should be. In this way, she kept figuring out good ways to study. "Twice the effort with half the effort", "my day, three times my body", "plan and summarize", "turn the whole into zero" seems to have become She is very generous and open.

  She was generous, open and sincere, quiet and aloof. During our walks, she could not help but express her love for campus life, her desire to make every student happy, to realize her potential, and her respect for teachers and supervisors. Once she talked to me about her idea of "taking the trash home", saying that we should advocate the whole community to do so, so that Shanghai would be more tidy and pleasant. She took home all the fruit and vegetable peelings and wrapping paper bags she wanted to throw away whenever she went out. ...... In this way, she saw the world with a pair of very real and kind eyes, and tasted life carefully, which made me sigh with admiration.
I think, although each of them is very capable of being a small reporter, but those children who stand without standing and sit without sitting are not qualified to be selected. Because, journalist is a profession with many social activities and wide social interactions, people who are not educated or cultivated are not worthy to do this job, even though it is done by children.

  That's why I think: a girl is a future mother, and her every action will be an example to her own children. If she herself lacks manners and cultivation, her children will not behave and speak in a likeable manner. Therefore, in addition to giving her spiritual and academic guidance and care, a mother should also pay attention to the discipline and training of her form, speech and behavior.

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