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A mother should always say to her son, "It's all up to you!"
With boys, we need to use them as much as possible, be bold enough to give them the heavy burden, and not be too sheltered and spoiled. I have told many mothers that in order to raise their sons to be men for the future society, the mother might as well act weak and give her children the opportunity to show their skills. If the mother is too capable and strong, there will be no world for them to show their skills and he will become weak; on the contrary, if the mother shows some weakness, the boy will be strong and realize his responsibility to protect the weak and protect his mother.

  I have some tips on how to raise my son to be a man. When there are things or problems in life that I am really not good at handling, I say to my son, "It's all up to you!" As he readily agreed, he would always show a sense of pride and triumph as a man helping his mother and protecting women. Now, he basically does all the technical and manual work in the house, such as fixing appliances and moving things.

  The manly masculinity that is lacking in today's boys is something that not only their mothers long to see, but also their future wives crave for. For themselves, this manliness is also a priceless treasure to face life in the future.

  The mothers of boys are able to raise their childish, tender, and "milquetoast" children to become resolute, confident, and manly men, undoubtedly creating hope for the future of their families and countries.

  At the same time, we should also emphasize the influence of fathers on boys.

  During adolescence, boys are mainly influenced by their mothers, while after entering adolescence, sons are more likely to imitate their fathers. The father will be the first one to guide his son to the society of men and to the society of men. The father's image will stand firmly in the son's heart and become the direction and goal of his son's progress.

  Fathers have an unshirkable responsibility to cultivate a sense of responsibility in their boys.

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