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Parental vanity can take a toll on children.

  What is the reason parents are so impatient with their children today?

 In a remote town in China, there was an elementary school physical education teacher who was determined that his son would study abroad to honor his ancestors. But his son's score was a little short and he lost the opportunity to study abroad. The father was so anxious that he asked people everywhere to find connections to let his son go abroad earlier. Finally, through a middleman, he paid $20,000 to get his son to the United States. The father would say to everyone, "My son has gone abroad to study!"

  After his son went abroad, he sent home the $1,000 he had earned. The father immediately became a "cow" and dressed well. Later, the son was injured. He called his father and told him what had happened to him, and offered to return to his country. The father reluctantly agreed. When the son returned, the father was upset and said, "You really don't give me any credit. I'm running for president right now, and you've come back at this time to embarrass me! You'd better find a place where no one can see you and stay there!"

  This is a very typical example. We can see from it that vanity is a terrible thing, and the vanity of parents can bring harm to their children. As one famous person said, "Vanity is hardly a vice, yet all evils revolve around vanity, and are but means to satisfy it."

  Many adults treat their children as tools and demand that they compete for their parents' face in order to achieve their unfulfilled dreams, and thus, demand and force their children without respect. Little do they know that this is also a kind of destruction of the child's mind.

  The prerequisite for us to lose our vanity and find our responsibility is - to recognize that children are not tools of their parents, that children's lives exist for their own purposes, and that parents are just accompanying their children on a journey.

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