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Don't be a human being, be a human being.

  Parents should have a normal heart. Because, having children is the most common thing.

  The famous educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi has long admonished parents: "Do not let your child become a human being, do not let your child become a human being, and do not let your child become a human being, but let your child become a human being." "People among people" means "ordinary people".

A small tomato seedling was told that if it worked hard, it would grow tall, produce fruit as big as a watermelon, taste as sweet as a melon, and be as nutritious as an apple. The little tomato seedling worked very hard to absorb the nutrients and did gymnastic exercises very hard. As a result, its fruit is still just a tiny tomato. Worst of all, the little tomato seedling now no longer considers itself a tomato seedling, and it doesn't even have any self-confidence anymore.

  Tsai says that he only wants his daughter to be happy and be herself, and that nothing else matters as long as she can grow up healthy. It is a big mistake to expect too much from your child and force him to achieve goals beyond his reach, which will not only make him feel lost, but also kill their minds.

  Don't impose your wishes on your child, and don't wait for your child to achieve your own wishes. Respect the differences of each child, let your child find his or her own way within the rules, leave a free space, and let your child grow to his or her heart's content and develop completely on his or her own. Your child is not you. You can give him love, but not ideas, because he has his own ideas.

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