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Get down and see

  See the world through the eyes of a child to understand the heart of a child.

  I heard a story about an adult who noticed a child crouching intently on the side of the road watching ants and asked, "What are you doing, little one?" The child looked up with a childish face and said proudly, "I am listening to the ants singing." The adult laughed out loud, "How can ants sing?" The child replied unhappily, "How do you know ants can't sing if you don't squat down and listen?"

  This reminded me of a father's personal experience, "Squat down and look at your child level." In the book "Writing for Young Moms", I talked about something very interesting told by this Taiwanese children's TV host.

  That incident was a great revelation to me: looking level with your child is a principle that every parent should follow.

  For parents to be accepted by their children, shouldn't they also find their place, squat down, listen to their children, understand their minds, and know what they want to do? There are many things that we can't understand with our adult eyes. This requires parents to have the sense of changing their roles, abandoning their own prejudices and looking at their world through the eyes of their children in order to be able to understand them.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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