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Every child is eager to have friends.

  The China Youth Daily once published a small poem written by a fourth-grade student in Hunan entitled "I want to be a star", which reads.

  I don't want to be the sun.

  I don't want to be the sun and I don't want to be the moon.

  It is too lonely to be the sun and too lonely to be the moon.

  Being the moon is too lonely.

  I want to be a star.

  For the stars have many friends

  To make the night more beautiful.

  We adults compare only children to 'little suns', but these children want to be stars because they need friends, they need friendship.

  When a child goes to school, the nurturing of friendships is an absolute must, and if there is a lack of them, the child is prone to some emotional disorders. For example, they hate interacting with people, they are withdrawn, apathetic, suspicious and sentimental.

  We, as parents, need to encourage our children to make more friends.

  For example, welcome your child's little friends to your home, and warmly receive these little guests; also, for example, interested in your child's friends, guide your child to talk about things in interaction with friends; talk about the strengths of your friends, tell your child to never stare at the shortcomings of others every day, in the long run, they will not be able to get along with their friends, their ability to interact with people and their character is not as good as others.

  When it comes to their children's friendships, many parents are always happy for their children to find people who share their child's emotions, interests and even gender to be friends with. This is very limiting, because in the future, children will have to come into contact with all kinds of people when they go out into society, and if they do not get along with different people from an early age, they will not be able to adapt well to social life in the future.

  I think that we should promote the principle of making friends with different people, and advocate that boys should make friends with girls, that good students should make friends with poor students, that urban children should make friends with rural children, that children from privileged families should make friends with children from difficult families, etc. By allowing different types of children to socialise and get along together, they will become more well-rounded and knowledgeable about people, and become a person who can adapt to society and has the ability to deal with different people in society, rather than a lonely, eccentric person who only gets along with a few of their own kind.

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