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      On the long road of life, people encounter many crossroads and are faced with choices at all times. If you make the right choice, you will seize the opportunity to succeed; if you hesitate a little, the opportunity will pass you by.

  Choice is an ability. This ability is developed from an early age, because choice is based on taking responsibility for yourself.

  I am reminded of the story of a great painter who taught his daughter.

  Once, his daughter was late for school and, fearing criticism from her teacher, sat in the car crying and begging her father to accompany her into the classroom. What the daughter thought was: her father is a small and famous painter, and for his sake, the teacher might not scold her. The painter's father gave his daughter two options: to enter the classroom by herself, or to go home immediately. "Know that what you don't want to face today, you still have to face tomorrow all the same." So, the daughter went into the classroom by herself.

  She is responsible for her own actions. The establishment of this concept by parents has an important impact on their growing children.

  As parents, we often make decisions for our children subjectively, often to the detriment of our wishes.

  If we give our children the right to choose, they will take responsibility for themselves and do things that will surprise even you.

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