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Insight is something that grows with practice.

  Taking children out to play, to see the world, to expand their horizons is something that no toy, picture book, or game console at home can replace

Humanity is a huge "tribe", to know the whole human race, it needs a big heart, especially in the face of their own ethnic groups are very different, need to be open-minded towards each other, understand each other.

  Children get to know human beings through one specific person. Letting a child make one more friend is actually helping him to open one more window. The more such windows are opened, the more open the child's horizons will be, the broader his mind will be, and the more courageous he will be. On the contrary, if the child is closed up and not allowed to interact with people, then the child either becomes lonely, indifferent, incompatible, not confident, or become self-important, self-imposed, and do not fit in with others. Slowly, the child becomes more and more distant and strange to people, and the world of the mind becomes smaller and smaller, and finally only himself is left, the result is quite terrible.

  Please don't keep your children in a narrow space, let them go out, go out into the world, get to know more about the society and make more friends.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities 

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