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Learn to choose

  Those who learn to choose are the ones who take control of their destiny.

  Choice is an ability.

  In one's life, one will encounter numerous opportunities to choose. Opportunities always belong to those who are prepared. If a person consciously cultivates the ability to choose for himself from childhood, then he may seize the opportunity and move towards one success after another; if he relies on his parents to choose for him in everything and is helpless when he leaves them, then the opportunity will pass him by.

  The ability to choose is cultivated from an early age. Parents are responsible for their children's lives, we must give them the right to choose, do not take over, because the road of life depends on the children themselves.

  Nowadays, when we become parents ourselves, we are used to having the "right to choose" firmly in our own hands, doing everything we can to design the future for our children, forcing them to do things they are not interested in. The only two results are that the child becomes timid and fearful, and will only obediently follow his parents' opinions, lacking his own initiative; the second is to cause the child to resent and always "fight" with his parents: you told me to go east, I want to go west, the parents' expectations of the child can not be achieved, and also cause a psychological gap with the child.

  If we can maintain a natural mindset towards our children's choices and let them make their own choices, the results will be very different.

  Those who learn to choose will be able to control their own destiny.

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