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  If you are alone on a bus and someone is rude to you, shout and don't be afraid. If you shout, the bad guy will get scared instead and will stop pestering you.

  If the building you live in is on fire and you feel the handle of your door and it is already hot, this means that the fire outside is very strong. At this point, you should not go out, but immediately wet your clothes with water, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, quickly tear a sheet into strips, weave it into a rope and tie one end to the heating pipe and one end to your waist. Once the bundle is secure, you climb out of the window and wait for the firemen to come and rescue you.

  If you learn to fry at home and accidentally catch a frying pan on fire, you should quickly cover the pan or put in already cut vegetables to keep the fire out of the air, and never put water into the frying pan.

  If you are out and about, you must also be safe and stay out of danger, so that you don't hurt yourself or touch yourself. If you have an accident, such as a fire, there is no need to panic, just roll on the ground and the fire will go out.

  If you break a bone, apply cool water immediately, not hot water, to avoid dilated blood vessels and redness, and preferably immobilise the injury with a rigid plate while you wait for a doctor to treat it.

  If you want to be safe, don't show your valuables freely, preferably don't wear expensive clothes or shoes to school, and don't take too much money out of the house. Don't go to the games hall alone and be careful of being extorted for money by unsuspecting people.

  If you get home late from school due to various circumstances and are not accompanied by your classmates, you should call home or an acquaintance at school and ask for someone to come and pick you up.


  You should memorise your home and parental unit telephone numbers and your home address, but do not tell anyone else, especially not your classmates in public places, to prevent bad people from taking advantage of them.

  In short, self-care and self-rescue skills should be developed at an early age. Your parents, teachers, relatives and friends cannot protect you all the time. As you grow up, you need to learn to live and work independently, so you need to learn to protect yourself. Your life is the most precious gift from your parents, so take good care of it!

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