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A drop of water is a gift that should be returned. It's time for children to know this truth.
People say that mothers are the most selfless and do not ask their children to give back. I think that for today's only child, mothers should ask for something in return and teach their children how to give back to their mothers and families and how to give back to others.
A child cannot grow up without the care and love of his mother and father and relatives, and the education and help of teachers, classmates and many others. Children should keep these loves in their hearts, study hard, work hard, and use their actions to repay the love of the motherland, the love of the people, and the love of their relatives when they grow up.

  Parents should let their children feel the care and love of their mothers and relatives for them, and teach them little by little to return the love to others.

  A child's right thinking is instilled, and the seeds of love need to be nurtured. The emergence of a heartless and uncaring child is the retribution for overindulgence of parents.

  Once a child understands the hard work and difficulties of his mother, he will definitely love and repay her.

  Payback is different from reward. Return is a person from the heart to thank others for their help, representing a deep friendship; while reward is a kind of return gift, a kind of thanks, more or less mixed with some economic interests.

  The feeling between a child and his mother is a natural, heartfelt affection. The mother does not expect anything in return, and every filial parent's children know the return, but also in silence, consciously return. It is this kind of affection that sustains every family and becomes the cohesive force of family happiness.

  Therefore, the happiness of a family does not lie in the amount of money, but in the depth of affection between family members and the size of family cohesion.

  A mother does not have to expect her children to become big officials and rich, as long as you use the strength of your personality to raise your children, you will definitely have a happy family.

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