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How important "ideals" are for growing children - urban and rural alike!

  A child's mind is a blank sheet of paper on which to write the best poems and paint the most beautiful pictures; it is also the most important time to plant the seeds of an ideal. It is also the most important time to sow the seeds of an ideal. If one can set a goal in life during this period, it is like sowing a sun in one's heart, a sun that gives one hope, a sun that gives one strength.

  As long as a person has a goal, an ideal and a hope, he will not waste his time, he will not be haunted by worries all day long, and this means - he has taken the first step towards success.

  As a parent of a child, how should you help your child to set his or her ambitions?

  Should we respect our children's own interests and guide them to pursue their own goals and realise their aspirations in accordance with the situation? Or should they force their children to fulfil their parents' wishes and to find their parents' childhood dreams?

 "You can't "force a child to become a dragon". Setting aspirations for children at an early age is not about forcing them to get high marks or get into university. If children live under heavy pressure every day, their lively and intelligent nature will become depressed, they will lose interest in learning and lose confidence in life. As the German poet Heine said, "Even if you plant a dragon's seed, the harvest may be fleas."

  "While it is not wrong to expect a child to become a dragon, it is even more important to expect a child to become an adult. The core of education is what kind of person to cultivate, and the responsibility of parents is to teach their children how to behave. Some parents think that as long as their children get good grades, all other shortcomings can be forgiven. So moral education becomes optional, and it is no longer important to have ambitious ideals, the ability to live independently, a sound personality and a healthy body. Regardless of what a child can achieve in the future, the first thing we want is for him or her to become an "adult" and to understand what the responsibilities of a citizen are, which is the first priority of modern family education.

  Instead of desperately wanting your child to become a dragon, you should turn this desire into an education of "children wanting to become dragons". In other words, let your child set an ideal and a goal at an early age and achieve it through your own efforts.

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