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"The world is for the brave." This saying was summed up in the lifetime experience of Columbus, the navigator who discovered the New World.

  Everyone has an undiscovered "new world", which is potential. The average person develops only 1 to 4 per cent of his or her potential in a lifetime. It is only those who have the courage to strive for victory that can discover their "new world". The best way to develop courage, conquer low self-esteem and build confidence is to do what you should do but are afraid to do until you succeed. Below, I present to you the eight keys to developing courage.

  Speak up in class

  Students who are afraid to speak in class are not afraid to do so, often because they lack self-confidence. He often thinks: "If I get it wrong, the teacher will criticise me and my classmates will laugh at me, so let's wait until the next time." As a result, when the next opportunity comes, he is still afraid to speak, and he will become even more timid. In fact, he thought wrong because even if he said something wrong, once the teacher corrected him, he would understand it and remember it better. A timid person has to take the initiative to speak and try to be the first.

  Second, walk with chest up and head up

  If you look closely at a person's walking posture, you will find that the posture of a person walking reflects the person's mood. Confident people hold their chests and heads up, and people with low self-esteem hold their chests and heads down. When you walk, as long as you keep your chest up and your head up, you will feel good about yourself and others will think you are confident and willing to do things with you.

  Third, look at each other with your eyes

  When talking to others, look at them squarely and look them in the eye. Looking at someone squarely is the same as telling them: I am honest and open, and I believe what you say is true. Looking someone squarely in the eye not only gives you confidence, but also wins their trust.

  Consider yourself unique

  Anyone has strengths that no one else has. If you find out what makes you different, you will be proud of yourself and courage will come back to you.

  Think of "I" as "we"

  When you are timid, you tend to think of "I" as a separate entity, feeling helpless and having low self-esteem. If you think of "I" as "we", you will be less stressed. Take an exam, you failed this time, you have to think that you are not the only one who failed the exam, there will be others, if you think of "we" failed the exam, the pressure will be much less.

  Write to a friend

  When you feel upset, if you write a letter to your friend and talk about your worries, you will feel much more relaxed whether the other person writes back or not. If the other person writes you back and tells you that it's a small matter and you don't need to take it to heart, you yourself will think that it's no big deal and won't let it affect your mood anymore.

  VII. Shouting in the face of an alpine field

  If you feel that you are really timid and fearful, and that your voice sounds like a mosquito, you may want to ask your parents to take you on a hike or outing, and you can shout as loud as you like in front of the mountains and fields. Of course, do not shout at home, at school or in public places, as this will affect the normal work and life of others.

  Always say "I can do it" to yourself

  The words "I can do it" are a very strong positive message. The more you are afraid of doing something (of course, doing the right thing, doing the right thing), the more you should encourage yourself to say "I can do it", and when you have done what you have been afraid of doing, you will find that your courage has increased and you are really able to do it.

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