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"One cannot all be a hero, but everyone must be heroic."

  These words were spoken by Li Xiangqun, a heroic soldier who died heroically during the 1998 flood rescue.

  What is "heroism"? In times of peace, people who are honest and brave, who know their mistakes and correct them, can be called "heroic".

  Who can guarantee that you will never make a mistake in your life? A child grows up by making and correcting mistakes.

  Do you want to be a hero? Then start by being honest and trustworthy and correcting your mistakes!

  When it comes to keeping one's word, we remember a saying by the great ancient philosopher Lao Tzu: "A promise made lightly will be broken." It means that if you promise someone a thing easily, you must not have enough credit. People who do not have credit will not have friends and will not be successful in their careers.

  How can we children and teenagers keep our promises? That is, before you promise someone something, you must be careful and think carefully about what you can do before you promise; once you have promised something, you must do everything you can to do it well, so that you will not break your promise and you will be worthy of others' trust.

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