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As a parent, how can you help your child when he or she is about to enter the examination hall?

  I think parents need to be clear about what exactly is being tested in an exam.

  One is a test of knowledge and the other is a test of courage. The examination hall is not only a contest of knowledge, but more importantly, a contest of courage.

  Parents may remember, Deng Yaping won the women's singles championship of the World Table Tennis Championships when the thrilling scene: 21:21, 22:22, 23:23 ...... audience understand, in the critical moment of victory or defeat, in the case of comparable technical level, the fight is mental quality; Deng Yaping more clearly, her Behind her there are more than a billion Chinese people's support, there is the coach's encouragement, but also her usual comprehensive psychological quality training, the refinement of the psychological ability to bear, she calmly respond to the battle, a ball a ball to play, a point a point to fight, and finally finally won the crown.

  Similarly, children who enter the examination room need support and encouragement.

  Parents can't just ask their children to score high, they should allow their children to win and lose, and help them adjust their mindset so that they can walk bravely into the examination hall in a smooth and relaxed mood.

  The exam is an excellent opportunity to develop the child's psychological qualities. At this moment, parents must use their good attitude and constantly send positive messages to their children. If parents send negative messages at this time, they will often cause psychological barriers for their children. One boy once told me, "Every time I take a test just thinking about my dad's belt and my mum's yelling makes my hands tremble."

  Conversely, positive messages from parents often move children. Many parents read the "Three Words for a Happy Life" by "Sister Zhi Zhi" and learn to encourage their children with positive messages such as "That's great" and "I can do it! The positive messages of "I can do it" have encouraged many children to make significant progress.

  I wish parents would give their children more encouragement. Before an exam, say this to your child: "Mummy and Daddy believe you can do it, and it doesn't matter if you do badly, as long as you do your best!"

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