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  When I was 19 years old, just as I was about to apply for university, the Cultural Revolution began and the doors to university were closed. Ten years later, when I heard the news that China Youth Daily was back in print, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep at night, and my childhood dreams came back to me. I immediately picked up a pen and wrote to the newspaper, expressing my long-cherished wish, and the newspaper agreed to my request.

  Five years later, I became a real "sister", and I felt a sense of happiness from the inside that I had achieved my goal.

  I think that every parent has had a childhood full of dreams, which are important for career choice and success in life. But what attitude do we need to have towards our own children's dreams and goals?

  A second grade student in Zhejiang wrote a story about Lu Ban when he was a child playing with clay.

  When Lu Ban was a child, he built many bridges out of mud and his mother said, "That's amazing!" Later on, Lu Ban became an expert in building bridges. But I played with sand and clay and my mother scolded me for being no good! I don't think there will ever be a Lu Ban because there is no more Lu Ban's mother.

  In just a few strokes, this primary school student points out the current problems in domestic education.

  Some parents always impose their own understanding on their children, but do not care about their own 'dreams'. In fact, these childhood 'dreams' are the first building blocks for a child's success, no matter what he or she wants to do, if he or she keeps trying.

  There are two things we can do to help our children set goals: firstly, we can find out what our children are interested in; secondly, we can let them read more newspapers, magazines and books and get in touch with the outside world, so that they can be exposed to new ideas and new information, which will inspire them to develop their own interests, set their own ideals and eventually achieve them.

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