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Every growing child craves affirmation.
     Scolding is a common thing for parents, but for children, it is the end of the world when their parents scold them. A child's growth needs affirmation, and affirmation is the sunshine of a child's life.
You should be able to praise your child, not simply wear a high hat, that will cause the child's resentment. I remember a boy once told me that when his parents were not at home, he cleaned up the house all by himself and wanted to surprise his mother. When his mother came back, she said in a loud voice, "You're such a good working boy!" As soon as he heard this, he got annoyed and immediately spoiled the fun by saying, "What a bore!" Her six-year-old daughter often likes to clean up her room when no one is home. When her mother came home, she was always surprised and said, "Oh, my! It's so clean! Who did this?" So, the daughter ran out from behind the door. Mom says to herself, "I can't believe you did that, you're amazing!" The daughter was so happy and felt so good about herself that she continued to do this the next time her mom went out.

  Of course, this approach only applies to children in childhood. When children are small, you can say bluntly, "You're amazing!" But if they grow into young adults and you say that again, they will most likely think you are trying to tell them to do something and ignore you. So, the best way is to say what they did with a compliment, but let them hear it so they feel "proud". Every growing child wants to be affirmed by their parents, by their teachers, and by society. If you can praise and affirm your child for his or her strengths, he or she will become better.

  I often hear sighs of relief from parents who are hurting big time for their children. It's because you're thinking he sucks, and that's why he really sucks. If you can think differently and be convinced that "there is no reason for a child to be bad", and use such a mood to guide your child, I think he will become better. Because a child cannot be "reformed" by his parents or teachers, he must "improve" himself. No matter how much you wish for your child, how you want to reform him, and how you want to reform him in various ways, it is still futile. Because the very idea that you want to reform him is wrong, even if you think of him in many ways, he is no better. Therefore, we must believe this, let go of the child to improve themselves, he does not want to change is not easy. When it comes to those children around us who are slow or mischievous, they should never be scolded, they need more affirmation. For those children who have made mistakes or even committed sins, hopeful encouragement will make them raise the sails of life.

  For children, family education, school education and social education, all three are indispensable. For today's children to succeed in becoming outstanding talents in the socialist construction business, there is an urgent need to adjust the way we educate our children and improve the environment in which they grow up.

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