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Give your love and you will be truly happy.

  What is love?

  Love is a pocket. Filling it in produces a sense of satisfaction, while pulling it out produces a sense of accomplishment.

  What is love?

  Love is a feeling. When a person is needed by others, he can feel his value; when a child is needed by adults, he can feel how great his young life is, and then feel a deep sense of love.

In this way, "tired" parents, "idle" children. Over time, children think that these are the parents should do, who let them become a mother and father, not for nothing ah!

The spark of love that has just sprung up in the child's heart has been mercilessly extinguished by the parents time and again. Gradually, the child understands that all his parents want is for him to get high grades and go to a major school, and nothing else. However, this is not a goal that all children can achieve! As a result, many children become disillusioned and cynical, no longer caring for others, and not knowing how to love others.

  The parents who really love their children, to show a little weakness in front of their children, give children a little chance to love others, do not always see themselves as a mountain, depending on the child as a grass, so that children lean on you, look up to you, fear you; not to be a big umbrella, depending on the child as a chicken, to shelter the child from the wind and rain, so that the child is weak.

  Change your position, change your image! Let your child be a mountain, and your child will grow into a mountain; let your child be a big umbrella, and your child will be able to stand on top of the sky.

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