Getting out of language misconceptions - the "red light" that lights up in families-Woodmam


Affirmative language is a positive message for your child's growth; negative language is a negative message for your child's growth.

  Family education is done by family language. Family language is one of the most influential and pervasive methods of family education.

  Research by children's mothers and some child education experts has shown that there are three types of bad language used most by this generation of young mothers, which we call "family red lights".
The language of parents is the nourishment for children's growth. More words of love will definitely bear the fruit of "love"; more words of evil will bear the fruit of "evil". Words of affirmation are positive messages for children's growth; words of negation are negative messages for children's growth.

  The "red light" in the family makes children feel tired and annoyed, and makes them feel that they are living in noise all day long. Parents use the same tone of voice, the same old language, and a series of negative, limiting, and critical words every day, making life boring for the children.

  In fact, the real "red light" in the family is to prohibit language that is not conducive to the building of family spirit.

  Nowadays, there are various "service taboos" in the society, and I think there should be some "taboos" among family members as well.

  Only civilized parents can raise civilized children. If your child speaks rudely, fights and curses, do you check yourself? If your child is disorderly and unethical, you should also check yourself; if your child is hurtful and impolite, you should also check yourself ......

  "Hello," "I'm sorry," "I'm sorry for your trouble," "I'm sorry to bother you." "Thank you for your help" and other polite words, not only children should learn, we as parents should learn more.

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