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A child's eyes are like a camera capturing the image of their parents every day.

  As mothers know, children have a special bond with their mothers.

  The first person a child knows in the world is his or her mother; the first word he or she says is "mommy"; the one he or she is most attached to when sick is his or her mother; the one he or she looks for when sleeping at night is his or her mother; the first thing he or she asks when coming home from school is, "Where is my mommy?" The first role model for a child to learn to be a human being is his or her mother.
When we point at our children's noses and shout, "Read to me, don't watch TV," while we ourselves are lying on the sofa watching TV, can we make our children study at ease?

  When you admonish your children, do not cherish the time to learn is to "kill the money" when you are playing mahjong overnight, is not the parents' time valuable, not in chronic suicide? When parents accuse their children of being lazy, playful and not hardworking, have they ever thought about what kind of image they have in their children's minds?

  "Children need role models more than criticism." A child's eyes are like a radar that never rests, constantly watching the words and actions of adults and imitating their habits and behaviors.

  Parents who have had a long day or are in a bad mood should come home refreshed for the sake of their teenage children. If you want your child to be the kind of person you are, be the kind of person you are.

  It is essential for children to get to know their parents fully. This is not to say that parents come home and work hard, but to let children know what their parents are doing all day and for whom they are working hard and for whom they are busy.

  Only when our children understand their parents will they truly love and care for them.

  The affection between parents and children is the pillar of the family, and understanding is the cornerstone of the family.

  Children receive life messages from their mothers every moment, even when they are infants in swaddling clothes. Therefore, we should not be inattentive to our words and actions just because our children are small.

  The words of educationalist Sukhomlinsky are very true: "Every moment you see your child, you also see yourself; you educate your child, you also educate yourself, and test your own personality."

  Some mothers are not very well educated, but they say and do things that their children will never forget.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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