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The psychological misconceptions of young mothers deprive their children of their precious childhood.

  Young mothers, imposing their own interests and hobbies on their children, thus cruelly stifling and depriving them of their own interest requirements, resulting in an unhappy life for children who are living in abundance today.
The "home classroom" is vividly described in one of the materials.

  When a child is tired of reading and wants to go out to play, his mother will say, "No good, how can you get into college by playing silly? Without a diploma, how can you find a job?"

  When the child is sleepy and his eyelids are fighting, his mother will immediately hand him a glass of Nestle or a Royal Jelly to encourage him to fight continuously.

  The child wants to watch cartoons, the mother's face is long. "The whole family is not watching TV for you, how dare you watch?"

  In this way, under the unified dispatch of the mother, the whole family is always in a state of "first-class readiness", all day to do things gently, speak in a whisper. Everything is for one goal: to make the child climb up the ivory tower inevitable.

  A day or two, the child admitted; a month and two months, the child endured; 365 days a year, every day is the pressure, pressure, pressure, finally tragedy in the child happened.

  A 5-year-old boy, because his mother forced him to learn to play the piano and broke his fingers; a Beijing female high school students, because of poor test scores, jumped to his death; a Nanjing college student, mother and father are famous physicist, the couple is determined to let the only child to study abroad, so from elementary school to university, every day to watch the son to learn, forcing the son to learn, do not give the son a little freedom, the son was pressed to breathe The son was so overwhelmed that he finally couldn't stand it anymore and strangled his mother and father with a belt on his 22nd birthday!

  A lost dream cannot be recovered.

  We can't kill our children's childhood with our own excessive desires.

  The loss of childhood can bring many misfortunes to one's life. Who deprived the children of their childhood?

  Shouldn't we, as mothers, think about it seriously?

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