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I heard of this incident.

  There was a high-tech worker who made an outstanding contribution to science and technology and the state awarded him $240,000. However, this money did not bring him joy and happiness. Because he was so withdrawn and could not communicate with all people, he felt so bored with life that he finally had to buy a dog and spend his days with it as his companion.

  I'm sure you don't want to be like that.

  This high-tech worker is one of those people with a high IQ and a low EQ, that is, someone with a low "psychological profile".

  The results of a survey conducted by the Harvard University Career Guidance Team confirm that, of the thousands of men and women who were fired, twice as many had poor interpersonal skills as were incompetent. In some organisations, new engineers and scientists come in with high levels of knowledge and intelligence, but after a while, some achieve great results and others are dwarfed. Why is there a difference? The answer is that the former are able to take the initiative with others and open up to work quickly, while the latter are not.

  Many facts in our lives prove that good relationships are a guarantee of success, and that one can only run towards success if one learns to be friendly with others.

  Nowadays, many teenagers are only children. At home, your parents and grandparents regard you as the "little baby", care for you, love you, give way to you and regard you as the "centre" of the family. You think this is what you should do, you don't know how to respect others, you don't think about others, you always do what you want, and as a result, you develop a bad habit of being "me-centric" and arrogant. However, with this mentality, you will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in group life, and you will also face obstacles in your workplace.

  I am a small drop of water in the sea. With me and my partner, we can form a surging sea for the benefit of mankind; I am a small blade of grass on a mountain.

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