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A friend from afar is a window. Urban and rural children see the world differently.
A young mother told me that in order to make her daughter change her big spending and wastefulness, she told her child: "Wastefulness is shameful, and now there are still people who can't get enough food and clothes ......" but her daughter didn't believe it was true at all.
The "Hand in Hand" activity brings children who are cut off by tall buildings and mountains into a vast world and connects the hearts of urban and rural children, allowing urban children to grow a sense of social responsibility in the face of poor rural areas and rural children to develop beautiful dreams in the face of modern cities.

  City children who have received letters back from their rural friends or visited their good friends in the countryside found out that not all children under the blue sky live in high-rise buildings, drink milk and watch TV like themselves; their peers living in the mountains have to go up to the mountains to collect firewood, medicine and scorpions in order to earn enough tuition ...... Those little girls who pick mushrooms often The little boys who caught scorpions had scorpion sting marks on their bodies and hands, and they only sold one scorpion for 5 cents! Why do they have to do this? It's for school!
People don't live to suffer and be poor. As long as we are human, we all want to live a good life. But how does a good life come about? Doesn't it depend on our hands to create it? Rural children live in the closed mountains, without a blueprint for a better future in their hearts, how can they be inspired to create a life through labor?

  I suddenly felt sorry for these children in the old areas, rural areas and mountains, we have given them too little love over the years, while the children in the rural areas of our country account for 80% of the total number of children in the country!

  The "Hand in Hand" activity gives us the opportunity to make up for it. The "Hand in Hand" program gives us the opportunity to make up for it by letting rural children make friends with city children, showing them that "the outside world is wonderful" and that their hometowns can become very good if they work hard.

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