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Smiling is the language of love.

  For children, the facial expressions of mom and dad are very important. A smile illuminates all who see it; it is like the sun that passes through the dark clouds and brings warmth to people.

  Walking into the midst of children, I often hear a strange question, "Why can't the teacher smile?"

  In the "My Teacher in My Eyes" drawing contest organized by China Youth News, the majority of the children's teachers had stony faces. It was easy to find a "smiling teacher," and the child who drew the picture noted on the side: "The teacher is finally smiling!"

  Children love people who smile. Smiling is the language of love. You smile at him, and this expresses your inner feelings: "I love you! I love you! You make me happy. I'm happy to see you." Children who grow up with a smile are apt to develop an optimistic and positive mindset.

  I remember shortly after my son was born, my mother picked him up, smiling so hard her eyes narrowed to slits and her mouth kept saying this and that to her little grandson. My son is very good, happy to dance, but also in the babbling "say" something. Whenever I see such a scene, I am very touched and I really want to cherish this picture of an old man and a young child with smiles forever. My mother always told me that children know how to feel, and he will understand if you treat him well.

  Indeed, my son has grown up and has a very good relationship with his grandma. Grandma was very sick and bedridden and in pain, but as soon as my son went there, she would immediately show her smiling face: "Yueyue is here!" The hearts of the elderly and the children are connected. The old man faces the child with all his heart, and that enthusiasm comes from the heart.

  Children need a smile of love. No matter how busy, tired or annoyed parents are, they should not forget to give their children a smile.

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