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Excessive love often deprives children of the joy of childhood.

  Loving children is never about indulging them and letting them go. Parents must be bold in disciplining their children and restraining them from inappropriate behavior. Discipline and love must be tightly combined, one cannot be without the other.
 A. Cultivate a sense of respect for parents

  The relationship between a child and his or her parents is the most important social relationship a child faces first, and this relationship is the basis for the child's attitude when interacting with others. Therefore, to make children respect their parents is to be responsible for their whole life.
 Second, not letting unreasonable children get the benefit of the doubt

  Once I went shopping at the mall and saw a two- or three-year-old child who wanted to buy a very expensive toy that his mother did not buy for him. The child cried and made a big fuss, first punching and kicking the mother, and then simply sitting on the floor and spilling. The mother is very embarrassed, how to persuade how to coax can not. The mother sighed and took out her wallet, ready to "give in".

  I stopped her: "Don't spoil him! You can't let an unreasonable child get away with anything, or you'll suffer for the rest of your life." I advised her to "leave" immediately and not to care about this child. The child cried even more.

Some people say, "Three years old is old, seven years old is old", not without reason. Some bad habits are often formed at an early age. Therefore, we as parents should have a belief: every time a child is unreasonable, he must not be given the benefit of the doubt, especially the first time.

Third, after the harsh discipline is the best time to communicate

  When the parents and children's "war" stopped, the child's nonsense did not succeed, he will understand that he is "to blame". At this time, children often make affectionate gestures towards their parents, and this is often the best time for parents to communicate with their children. Therefore, parents should not be afraid of conflict or retreat from it. We need to look at conflict as an important event because it provides an opportunity to communicate with the child, and this is a time when talking is more effective than at other times.

After criticizing an older child, it is important to encourage appropriately, to extend parental warmth, and to meet the reasonable part of the child's request. This is the same as telling the child that the parents love him and that it is not the person himself that the parents deny, but his inappropriate behavior.

  In this way, disciplining the child has a loving ending.

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