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Good interpersonal relationship not only brings happiness to life, but also helps people to be successful.

  Some people say that Japanese people like to play Go, taking this move thinking of the next; Americans like to play bridge, studying the cooperation between the top and bottom; while Chinese people like to play mahjong, preventing the top and keeping an eye on the bottom.

  Although this statement is biased, it reflects the criticism that the Chinese are not good at cooperation. The story of "one monk picks water to eat, two monks carry water to eat, and three monks have no water to eat" has been passed down in China for a long time.
Every young mother is the daughter-in-law of her mother-in-law, so it is necessary to talk about cooperation with her mother-in-law. "A mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are two women of two generations who meet because of one man." The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has traditionally been considered the most difficult. As young women growing up in a new era, they should be considerate of the older people who came from the previous era. It is only human for a mother-in-law to want in her heart to give her son the love of both his mother and his wife. Some young daughters-in-law love to have their husbands serve and pour water for them in front of their mothers-in-law ...... showing their husbands' love and obedience to them; mothers-in-law are not used to seeing their sons being supported and want them to be taken care of by others ...... These conflicts are not difficult to deal with. If you can diligently do something for your in-laws and husband, your husband will feel that you respect the elderly and will definitely thank you.

  In this regard, I think I have done a good job, so my mother-in-law loves me and I love her very much. I always think: How nice it is to get an extra share of my mother's love! Going against your mother-in-law embarrasses her and no doubt your husband. If you have a son, sooner or later you will become a mother-in-law, would you like your daughter-in-law to squirm with you?

  An American psychologist wrote this thought-provoking passage in his book.

  If a child lives in criticism, he will learn to condemn.

  If a child lives in hostility, he will learn to be aggressive.

  If a child lives in fear, he learns to be anxious.

  If a child lives in encouragement, he learns to be confident.

  If a child lives in a popular environment, he learns to love others.

  If a child lives in safety, he learns to trust the people around him.

  If a child lives in friendship, he will feel what a wonderful world he lives in.

  Imagine that our children grow up in an atmosphere full of civilization, peace, praise and friendship, then they will be optimistic people who are loving, cooperative and good at getting along with others, and their life will be full of love, happiness and success. As a mother, you will be doubly pleased to feel that your life's hard work has not been in vain and that you have dedicated to a most brilliant work of mankind.

  Let's work hard for such a day!

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